College Football Win Totals, Predictions For All Power Five Teams: Where's The Value?

College Football Win Totals, Predictions For All Power Five Teams: Where's The Value?

College Football Predictions

College Football Win Totals, Predictions For All Power Five Teams: Where's The Value?


Kansas 3

The Play Is: Over. Les Miles will beat Indiana State and Coastal Carolina, and all it his Jayhawks have to do is win one other game to get to three. Expect two conference upsets to get there.
2019 Kansas Preview

Kansas State 5.5 Over +130, Under -150

The Play Is: Over. It’s a fantastic value at +130, and with Nicholls, Bowling Green, and enough winnable conference home games to get excited, six wins isn’t a crazy call. However, it might take a regular season-ending win over Iowa State to do it.
2019 Kansas State Preview

Kentucky 6.5 Over -120, Under Even

The Play Is: Over. Even if you think the Wildcats are going to take a step back from their amazing 2018 … Toledo, Eastern Michigan, Arkansas, UT Martin, Louisville. All of those are home games, and that doesn’t even include dates with Missouri and Tennessee. They’ll get to seven wins.
2019 Kentucky Preview

Louisville 3.5 Over -130 Under +110

The Play Is: Over. Oh COME ON … a little value here? Louisville isn’t going 3-9 under Scott Satterfield. With Eastern Kentucky and Western Kentucky on the slate, it’s got its two, and it’ll win two more – at least.
2019 Louisville Preview


The Play Is: Over, but see if you can get value on this. It’s not a given to get to ten wins with road games against Texas, Mississippi State and Alabama, and home dates against Florida and Texas A&M. If you can get decent odds either way, go there.
2019 LSU Preview

Maryland 3.5 Over -150, Under +130

The Play Is: Over. This is a misprint, right? Howard, at Rutgers, Indiana, Nebraska, Syracuse, at Purdue, at Temple … there are plenty of 50/50 games to get to six wins, much less four.
2019 Maryland Preview

Miami 8.5 Over -130, Under +110

The Play Is: Over … but don’t like it too much. The Canes will probably lose to Florida, but it’s a relatively light and easy schedule the rest of the way considering Virginia Tech and Virginia are home games. Be careful that the offense still isn’t there, and if you like the value on the under, go for it. This really is an 8.5ish win team.
2019 Miami Preview

Michigan 10.5 Over +150, Under -180

The Play Is: Over … at +150? Absolutely, but only if you think this really is the year the Wolverines can get by Ohio State. There will be a loss along the way – like at Wisconsin, or at Penn State, or against Michigan State – but it’ll come down to the showdown at home against the Buckeyes.
2019 Michigan Preview

Michigan State 8

The Play Is: Over. Try to get good odds on it, but the defense will be every bit as good as last year’s version, and there’s going to be an O. The Spartans might be 5-0 before going to Ohio State.
2019 Michigan State Preview

Minnesota 7.5 Over -130, Under +110

The Play Is: Over … but go very, very soft. There’s little value, and under is the smarter play, but the team has the potential to be terrific. However, if you like Fresno State at home against the Gophers, dive into the under.
2019 Minnesota Preview

Mississippi State 7.5 Over -160, Under +140

The Play Is: Under, and hold your nose when you do it. The Bulldogs should be around 8-4, but there’s no value here in picking an eight-win season. At Auburn, at Texas A&M, Alabama, LSU – hope for four losses there, and a whiff somewhere else.
2019 Mississippi State Preview

Missouri 8.5 Over +130, Under -150

The Play Is: Over, and mainly because of the value. The schedule isn’t that bad, and if everything is working right, the Tigers have a realistic shot at 8-0 before gong to Georgia. Nine wins might be a stretch, but again, there’s no glory here on the under.
2019 Missouri Preview

NC State 7 Over -150, Under +130

The Play Is: Under, and YUCK. Go with it only because of the value, and because this is likely a 7-5 team. What stinks about this? East Carolina, Western Carolina, Ball State, Louisville, North Carolina. That’s probably five wins right there. You need the Pack to lose one of those to make the under work … again, yuck.
2019 NC State Preview

Nebraska 8.5 Over -120, Under Even

The Play Is: Under. The value is better, and take advantage of everyone who thinks the Scott Frost factor is going to kick in full-force in Year Two. It’s a jacked-up win total for a team with a questionable defense – 7.5 is more like it. 
- 2019 Nebraska Preview

North Carolina 5.5 Over +120, Under -140

The Play Is: 
Under. There’s no value, but where are the sure-thing wins? Mercer. That’s it. Appalachian State isn’t a sure-thing. Duke isn’t a sure-thing. The Tar Heels will be better, but getting to six wins is going to be really, really tough.
2019 North Carolina Preview

Northwestern 6 Over -120, Under Even

The Play Is: Over, only because the Wildcats aren’t going 5-7. 6-6 is actually about right, but this is a better team than the 2018 version – with a tougher schedule. If you have to, over.
2019 Northwestern Preview

Notre Dame 9 Over -130, Under +110

The Play Is: Under. The value is better, and with with road games at Georgia and Michigan, expect a base of two losses to start with. Throw in the road game at Stanford, and 9-3 is about right. Take the value at 8-4.
2019 Notre Dame Preview

Ohio State 10 Over -130,  Under +110

The Play Is: Under, just because 1) the value is better and 2) we still don’t know if Justin Fields is amazing, and 3) we still don’t quite know if Ryan Day is amazing. More than anything else, the value on 11 wins isn’t there.
2019 Ohio State Preview

Oklahoma 10 Over -160, Under +140

The Play Is: Over. It’s an AWFUL value, but the Sooners aren’t going 9-3, unless you think they’ll lose at UCLA. The Sooners are going to be closer to 11 wins than nine.
2019 Oklahoma Preview

Oklahoma State 7.5

The Play Is: Over. This is a sneaky-tough line. The Cowboys have more than enough winnable games to get to seven without a problem, but that eighth is going to be a bear. Go with whatever gets you the better odds.
2019 Oklahoma State Preview

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