Path To The Playoff: How Can Alabama AND Clemson Not Get In?

Path To The Playoff: How Can Alabama AND Clemson Not Get In?

College Football Playoff

Path To The Playoff: How Can Alabama AND Clemson Not Get In?


What’s it going to take to get to the 2019-2020 College Football Playoff? Here are the five things that have to happen for Alabama and Clemson to not make the CFP.

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Of course Alabama and Clemson are going to make the College Football Playoff … maybe.

Here’s the premise – how is it possible for both Alabama and Clemson to not get into the College Football Playoff?

Unless you’re trying to be Captain Hot Take, of course you’re picking the Crimson Tide and Tigers to get back to the CFP for the fifth straight season. Or, maybe you’re picking one, but not both, which isn’t quite as wacky but is still a bit out there considering these are the two best teams coming into the season.

But what if the impossible happens and Bama and Clemson both miss out? These five things probably have to go wrong.

5. Injuries

Both teams have suffered their share of injury issues, like all do, but for the most part they’ve been able to survive and keep going thanks to all the ridiculous talent waiting in the wings for a turn. A lot of times with both Bama and Clemson, the Next Man Up is the Best Man Up.

These teams are both so good that one lost star here, or a few issues to a particular position there, can likely be overcome by all the rest of the superstars pulling their weight.

But what if Trevor Lawrence is out for an extended period of time? It would’ve been nice to have Kelly Bryant or Hunter Johnson around as an insurance policy, but they’re obviously long gone. If something happens to the franchise star, it’ll be up to Syracuse-win hero Chase Brice to play a huge role. While he’d be more than fine, he’s not going to be the No. 1 pick in the draft.

As good as Tua Tagovaolia is and has been, he’s also been beaten up in his short career with wrist and leg injuries playing a prominent role. Nick Saban won a national title with Jake freaking Coker, but even though Mac Jones can e more than fine, it would be nice if Jalen Hurts was still around.

It’s more than just the quarterbacks, though. For this to happen and for Bama and Clemson to miss out on the CFP because of injuries, both teams would have to suffered an unfair array of key ones. Realistically, it could be the only way they can be knocked out – it might have to come down to brutally harsh bad luck.

Ask the Golden State Warriors how a sure-thing can go so horribly, horribly wrong so quickly.

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