Big Ten Media Days: 5 Key Questions. Coach Harbaugh ... About Ohio State ...

Big Ten Media Days: 5 Key Questions. Coach Harbaugh ... About Ohio State ...

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Big Ten Media Days: 5 Key Questions. Coach Harbaugh ... About Ohio State ...


1. Q: Coach Harbaugh … about Ohio State … ?

All the guy did was come within a game of going to the Big Ten Championship and likely the College Football Playoff – losing to a team that went 13-1, won the Rose Bowl, and dropped six games in four years – but you know what’s coming …

“Coach Harbaugh, talk about … what happened against Ohio State/what do you need to do to beat Ohio State/how close are you to beating Ohio State/with Urban gone, is this the year you’re going to beat Ohio State/do you feel any extra pressure this time around after not beating Ohio State/do you have the team to beat Ohio State/does the game being in Ann Arbor mean this is the year you’re going to beat OhioStateOhioStateOhioStateOhioStateOhioState …. ?”

Big Ten media days needs Jim Harbaugh to beat Ohio State just so the narrative and tone can change next year.

There are several terrific Big Ten coaching personalities – James Franklin might be the best coach to interview outside of Dabo, PJ Fleck is … interesting, and Kirk Ferentz is an absolute delight – but when Harbaugh was on early in his Michigan coaching career, he was a dream come true when it came to quotes and content.

He still is when he’s able to turn it loose, but when the entire focus is about his high-profile failures and not his three ten-win seasons in four years, or his wins over Michigan State, Penn State, and Wisconsin last season, or course he’s going to be a bit salty.

But it has to be asked. The collective Big Ten media would and should be fired without getting a quote or three about the failures against Ohio State, the blowout loss to Florida, and going four straight seasons without winning a Big Ten championship. Harbaugh will oblige, and he’ll discuss it all, but he won’t be able to go full Harbaugh – and that’s when the good stuff is there.

But it’s the main storyline. It’s the Big Ten season. No matter what else happens, no matter how good Michigan is along the way, it’s all going to be about November 30th.

Even if the Wolverines end up winning the Big Ten title and go off to the College Football Playoff, lose to Ohio State, and next July in Chicago …

“Coach Harbaugh, you had an amazing season … talk about how the Ohio State loss … ”

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