19 For '19 Offseason Topics: No. 4 Ranking The Power Five Conferences

19 For '19 Offseason Topics: No. 4 Ranking The Power Five Conferences

2019 Preview

19 For '19 Offseason Topics: No. 4 Ranking The Power Five Conferences


1. SEC

It’s so annoying to fans outside of the SEC to suggest that the SEC is by far the best conference in college football.

So let’s go full on nails on a chalkboard here. It’s not crazy to suggest that half of the league’s teams belong in the preseason top 15, or close to it.

Alabama is the best team in college football. Some are going to love the youthful NFL talent of Clemson, and some might get funky and suggest Oklahoma, or even Oregon if they’re trying to get noticed, but stop it.

Basically, you’ve made Bama mad, college football.

At the very least, the Tide are No. 2, and put Georgia somewhere in that top four overall mix. There might be some huge losses on both sides of the ball, but it’s an easy Next Five-Star Man Up situation under Kirby Smart.

LSU won’t be underappreciated like it was going into last season, and it’s still going to be good enough to reach the loftier expectations. The same goes for Texas A&M, who has a BRUTAL schedule, but also has the team to win a few of those nasty games.

Mississippi State might be missing some NFL parts of last year’s amazing defense, but the offense should pick up the slack this time around. Arkansas has the quarterbacks and the offensive talent to be a whole lot more dangerous, and Ole Miss should be just dangerous enough to be a tough out every week.

And that just rounds out the SEC West.

Along with Georgia, Florida is going to be deep in the hunt for the East title with an improved offense to go along with another brick wall of a defense.

South Carolina will be far better, but won’t have the record to show it thanks to a harsh schedule.

Missouri will be a fascinating X factor with Kelly Bryant taking over the reins of another great offense, Tennessee is loaded with offensive veterans, and even without Benny Snell and Josh Allen, Kentucky should be a thing again.

The SEC will be a thing again.

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