Preview 2019: Michigan. 5 Things You Need To Know, Season Prediction

Preview 2019: Michigan. 5 Things You Need To Know, Season Prediction


Preview 2019: Michigan. 5 Things You Need To Know, Season Prediction



Look, Jim Harbaugh bashers, the guy has actually been great.

He’s been able to boost up the talent level, his 2018 team was on the doorstep of greatness, and the run of three ten-win seasons in four years is the best since the Wolverines hit the double-digit victory mark from 1997 to 1999.

Of course he’s supposed to beat Ohio State, but it’s not like his Wolverines can’t get by Rutgers. Under Urban Meyer, that was one of the four best programs in college football over the last several seasons.

But it’s Michigan, and it’s supposed to be a leader and the best, and it hasn’t been either.

Yeah, there was no shame in losing in South Bend to a Notre Dame team that ended up in the College Football Playoff, and yeah, losing in Columbus – even like that – is more than acceptable by most reasonable standards. And yeah, totally ignore that Peach Bowl thing against Florida – ask Georgia what it’s like to play a non-CFP bowl game after getting your heart ripped out.

To be fair, though, Harbaugh does need to do even more. He’s one of the best coaches in all of football – he’d be snapped up instantly if he ever wanted to back to the NFL – and it’s time Michigan wins big games because its coaching staff is just that good. There might have been some turnover this offseason, but the coaches are elite, the talent is in place, and Urban Meyer is gone. This is when things have to finally come together.

Set The Regular Season Win Total At … 11

The offense should take things to another level. Shea Patterson is a solid veteran quarterback with a loaded receiving corps to work with, the O line is among the best in the country, the Michigan D will be the Michigan D – at least after a little work – and the kicking game is fantastic.

There are potential holes, The defense will go way young in some spots, the line loses a few key stars, and the running back situation needs to be strong early on, but in general, the problems are minor.

Can Michigan beat Wisconsin on the road? It has an extra week off to prepare.

Can it beat Penn State on the road? Can it sidestep the possible landmines at Maryland and Indiana, and can it get by Army, Iowa, Notre Dame and Michigan State in Ann Arbor?

And … can it finally beat Ohio State?

This year might be the perfect timing moment for the program considering the key games at home and the uncertainty in the rest of division.

This is the year to finally win the Big Ten title.

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