Preview 2019: Louisville. 5 Things You Need To Know, Season Prediction

Preview 2019: Louisville. 5 Things You Need To Know, Season Prediction


Preview 2019: Louisville. 5 Things You Need To Know, Season Prediction



Let’s just call it an aberration.

Louisville had a whole slew of problems under Bobby Petrino, but Lamar Jackson was able to make up for several of them. Last season, the team dealt with Alabama right away, lost a tough battle against Florida State, and then the season went downhill fast.

But that type of total collapse happens once in a while.

Michigan State followed up its 2015 Big Ten Championship and College Football Playoff season with a 3-9 clunker.

Auburn was a 3-9 miss in 2012, and then played for the national title in 2013.  Notre Dame went from 10-3 in 2015, to 4-8 in 2016, to 10-3 in 2017.

Sometimes, a team has a bad year, But 2018 might have been a step back to take a giant leap forward by getting Scott Satterfield, a different type of head coach and personality who’ll change things up around the Louisville program.

He’s getting a team with a whole lot of experience, plenty of athleticism, and even a little bit of talent. The depth might not be there, and there are plenty of big areas that have to go from miserable to at least mediocre, but …

Set The Regular Season Win Total At … 5

If a slew of injuries strike early on, forget it. However, if the starters and min men can stay in one piece, the Cardinals should be able to get by Eastern Kentucky, at Western Kentucky, and then …

It’s not going to be easy.

Boston College is gettable after a week off, going to Wake Forest isn’t all that bad, and there should be a surprise along the way. There aren’t any sure things in the ACC, though.

It’s not asking the world for the program that had eight straight winning seasons before last year to quickly bounce back and go bowling, but with so many changes, give it a year.

Satterfield will be the right guy for the job. He’ll show it in 2020.

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