Preview 2019: Florida State. 5 Things You Need To Know, Season Prediction

Preview 2019: Florida State. 5 Things You Need To Know, Season Prediction

Florida State

Preview 2019: Florida State. 5 Things You Need To Know, Season Prediction



There’s a chance this is a quick fix.

The program that won ten games or more six times in seven years, and went bowling in every season from 1982 to 2016, has the infrastructure and talent in place to go from a clunker of a five-win campaign in Willie Taggart’s first season to something special in a big hurry.

No, Taggart has never won a bowl game. Yes, he has a career record of 52-57. No, he hasn’t won a conference championship. Yes, he only has one season in nine with more than eight wins.

But it’s Florida State, and he has talent to work with.

It’s not supposed to be an excuse at a place where ACC championships and national title runs are the norm, but there needed to be a redo.

The was a way-young team that started six underclassmen on offense and seven on defense, and it’s looking to start cranking up the talent level even more under Taggart.

Nah, the 2019 recruiting class wasn’t anything next-level amazing, and Clemson is eating FSU’s lunch on the trail for talent, but if the offensive line can start blocking someone, and if the young stars in the secondary rise up quickly, and if the quarterback play is consistent and solid, and if the rest of the skill guys get time to work, and if the penalty issues slow down, and if the special teams are tighter …

There’s a lot to do.

However, start with just going bowling again and go from there.

Set The Regular Season Win Total At … 7

The Noles have to go on the road to deal with Clemson and Florida. Just assume two losses there, and then a few more among the big battles against Boise State, at Virginia, NC State, Syracuse and Miami, and be afraid of trips to Boston College and Wake Forest.

If and when Florida State becomes Florida State again, this is a 10-2 schedule with a realistic hope of splitting those showdowns against the Tigers and Gators. But for this team, starting to look the part, building it back up, and getting everything in place for a stronger Year Three under Taggart is the most likely step.

But being a ten-win program again would be just fine, too.

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