2019 NFL Draft: 20 Best Free Agent Players. Where Did They Sign?

2019 NFL Draft: 20 Best Free Agent Players. Where Did They Sign?

2019 NFL Draft

2019 NFL Draft: 20 Best Free Agent Players. Where Did They Sign?


Who are the best free agent players available after the 2019 NFL Draft and where did they sign? 

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20. OG Ryan Bates, Penn State

There’s absolutely nothing sexy about his game. He was a good tackle for the Nittany Lions who needs to work as a guard. Versatile enough to get a long look at several spots, he might make the Eagles only because of his ability to fill in the gaps where needed. More athletic than he gets credit for, the 6-4, 306-pounder has just enough to make the cut.

Original Projection: Free Agent
Signed By: Philadelphia

19. OG Shaq Calhoun, South Carolina

It’s all about his height. He’s a 6-2, 310-pound bowling ball of a blocker with decent bulk and great leverage for the running game. There’s enough talent and versatility to play either guard spot and he should get a long look as a part of a rotation, but he’s missing the raw bulk to be a consistent starter for an O that needs a power blocker.

Original Projection: Sixth Round
Signed By: Miami

18. OT Mitch Hyatt, Clemson

The 6-5, 303-pounder has decent size, and the one-time super-recruit more than held his own for the criminally underappreciated Clemson offensive line in big game after big game. He’s missing the NFL athleticism and tools, but he knows how to block. He might bounce around, but he’ll see time in the league on the inside.

Original Projection: Free Agent
Signed By: Dallas

17. DE Jonathan Ledbetter, Georgia

The 6-4, 280-pounder isn’t going to blow away anyone with his speed and explosion, but he’s a good-sized end who can hold up against the run. He made 56 tackles last season, but he only came up with one sack and wasn’t a regular in the backfield. However, he’s got intriguing upside to work in a rotation.

Original Projection: Seventh Round
Signed By: Miami

16. S Andrew Wingard, Wyoming

A hitting machine with a special knack for getting around the ball and coming up with big hits, he’ll make a team as a special teamer and will end up finding his way into a secondary with better athleticism and raw speed than he gets credit for.

Original Projection: Seventh Round
Signed By: Jacksonville

15. DT Albert Huggins, Clemson

It just so happened that he was the fifth-best lineman on one of the great defensive front fours in college football history. The 6-3, 305-pounder is freakishly strong, but he won’t do a whole lot in the backfield and he might be limited in what schemes he’ll fit in. Nah, he won’t start for Houston, but he’ll find a role against the power-running teams.

Original Projection: Free Agent
Signed By: Houston

14. S Maik Gant, Marshall

If you want a tone-setting hitter, here you go. He’s not going to do enough when the ball is in the air at the next level, but he brings the effort and energy on every play. He’ll start out as a killer on special teams, and he’ll be fantastic against the run – once he finds the right team after a few tries.

Original Projection: Fifth Round
Signed By: New England

13. S Lukas Denis, Boston College

He slid out of the draft because of his 5-11, 190-pound corner size, but he’s not afraid to get his nose dirty. He made 49 tackles last season with a pick, but was a ball-hawking machine as a junior with seven interceptions and ten broken up passes. There might not be a set spot for him, but Buccaneer defensive coordinator Todd Bowles just might just find a way.

Original Projection: Sixth Round
Signed By: Tampa Bay

12. WR Preston Williams, Colorado State

A highly productive 6-4 target who started out his career at Tennessee before moving over to Colorado State. The athleticism and explosion weren’t there in workouts, there were off-the-field issues in the past, and there are just enough worries to keep him from getting drafted. However, he went to the right spot with Miami where he’ll get a very, very long look.

Original Projection: Sixth Round
Signed By: Miami

11. WR Penny Hart, Georgia State

Oh that’s just GREAT. As if Andrew Luck doesn’t have enough weapons to work with, now he has another explosive playmaker to work with. He’s really small, will get shoved around too much, and … that’s not what the Colts care about. He’ll make things happen as a return man and whenever he gets the ball in his hands.

Original Projection: Sixth Round
Signed By: Indianapolis

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