2019 NFL Draft: 5 Nutty Predictions That Just Might Be Right

2019 NFL Draft: 5 Nutty Predictions That Just Might Be Right

2019 NFL Draft

2019 NFL Draft: 5 Nutty Predictions That Just Might Be Right


4. A quarterback is going at the three

And the New York Jets are obviously not going to be the one to make the pick.

Have an offer for New York at that third overall slot? Go. The Jets would love to drop down and get multiple selections in a deep and solid top 50, and that’s where the games begin.

Just how much can Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock sell the world that they’re going to take a quarterback with the fourth overall pick? They might freak out someone move into the three to take its guy.

Watch out for someone like the Giants to leverage their two first round picks – the six and the 17 – to somehow keep one of them, but find a way to move into the three to sneak ahead of the Oakland/Las Vegas/Birmingham/Duluth Raiders.

Or, Miami is bluffing about not caring about the quarterbacks, and it moves up from 13, or Washington busts its way up from the 15, or Cincinnati realizes that Andy Dalton is Andy Dalton, and it packages something from the 11, or …

Arizona comes up with a blockbuster to move out of the 1 to go to the 3 in the hopes that it can get Murray there – because no one other than the Cardinals actually believes that Murray is a better NFL prospect than Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, or Josh Allen.

But who’s that second quarterback if Murray does go with the top pick overall?

Will you fall off your chair if Duke’s Daniel Jones is the second quarterback taken? You should, because he’s not that great at football, but he’s been a red-hot prospect throughout the last several months.

Missouri’s Drew Lock is more like a late-first flier than a top five overall pick, but he’s coached up well, and he’s the type of gunslinger who fits the Raiders.

No, the Jets ain’t keepin’ that three, but …

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