2019 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective

2019 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective

2019 NFL Draft

2019 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective


21. Green Bay Packers (from Seattle)

PICK: S Darnell Savage, Maryland

– Uhhhhhhh okay. He’s really, really fast – he ran a 4.36 at the combine – but did Green Bay really need to trade up for him?

– Some in the scouting world swore he’d be a first rounder, but conventional wisdom was that he’d go somewhere around the 50. Fast safeties are never a bad thing.

– Philadelphia jumped up by trading with Baltimore for the next pick. The cornerback – especially at corner – and the offensive line value here is fantastic with tackles Jawaan Taylor and Andre Dillard on the board.

– Rock Ya-Sin? Deandre Baker? Byron Murphy? Greedy Williams? The corners are all there for the Eagles, but guessing offensive tackle …

22. Philadelphia Eagles (from Baltimore)

PICK: OT Andre Dillard, Washington State

– Nice pick at a nice time. Florida’s Jawaan Taylor is the better prospect, but there’s no issues with Dillard. He could’ve gone in the top 15 without a problem, and he’s a good value here.

– Very long with great athleticism, he’s an elite pass protector to keep Carson Wentz upright and alive.

– Absolutely worth moving up to get him – Houston was going to grab him with the next pick. Now watch out for Taylor to be a Texan.

– But Houston needs corner help, too, and they’re all there. It’s going to be an offensive tackle, though.

23. Houston Texans

PICK: OT Tytus Howard, Alabama State

– Really, really nice. He might not be a big name from a big school, but he’s got the size, athleticism, and toughness to grow into the job.

– Something must be wrong with Florida’s Jawaan Taylor. Nothing wrong with taking Howard here, but Taylor has top ten overall talent and is sliding right on down.

– Okay, Raiders. You reached a wee bit by taking Clelin Ferrell at the four. There’s your replacement for Khalil Mack … sort of. Now you need a replacement for Amari Cooper, and DK Metcalf and Hollywood Brown are on the board.

– Drew Lock is on the board, too. That’s a nice value get here compared to Daniel Jones.

24. Oakland Raiders (from Chicago)

PICK: RB Josh Jacobs, Alabama

– Good value and at a good time. I’m not the biggest fan in a light class of running backs, but at the 24 – considering there was talk he’d go at the top ten – go for it.

– There’s a whole lot of tread on the tires after not getting a ton of work relative to most star backs. He can catch, and he can bring the power and the pop. But he wasn’t the Alabama starting running back.

– It doesn’t matter that Marshawn Lynch retired – the Raiders could’ve found a running back anytime. They wanted a big-time back to work around. Remember, Gruden and Mayock are old school types.

– Baltimore moved down after the trade with Philly, and this is where they go for the value. A wide receiver like DK Metcalf or Hollywood Brown? It’s asking for the world to get another Terrell Suggs, but Mississippi State’s Montez Sweat is still there …

25. Baltimore Ravens (from Philadelphia)

PICK: WR Marquise Brown, Oklahoma

– Lamar Jackson and Hollywood Brown? LET’S GO …

– The Ravens need a do-it-all speedster to help take the heat off of Jackson, and he’s going to be like another Tyreek Hill – on the field – every time he gets the ball in his hands.

– Just find a way to feed him, and he’s gone. With Lamar’s deep arm, and Brown’s speed … again, LET’S GO.

– The concerns about Montez Sweat’s heart condition appeared to be answered, but he’s still falling. Indianapolis could use another pass rusher. This wouldn’t be a bad spot, but ….

– Washington just traded up for Indy’s spot. The Redskins already got their quarterback in Dwayne Haskins. Now to they get their receiver in DK Metcalf?

– They need corner help, too, and a slew of good ones are right there for the taking. Deandre Baker and Greedy Williams are still around.

26. Washington Redskins (from Indianapolis)

PICK: DE Montez Sweat, Mississippi State

– He CRUSHED the offseason workout circuit. He was amazing at the combine, and destroyed the Senior Bowl. He has elite athleticism and is a dream of a pass rushing get at the 26.

– Brilliant, brilliant move to get up to this spot. The Raiders took Clelin Ferrell with the fourth pick. Sweat is better.

– Washington got a whole lot of value with its first two picks. There’s a whole lot to get excited about.

– It’s being reported that Oakland wanted him with the next pick. That’s inexcusable considering how many picks it had. Get Ferrell AND Sweat, and this would’ve been a killer draft for the defensive front.

– DK Metcalf? These are the Raiders … of course they have to go with the measurable guy. Or, with all the corners on the board, they have their pick of all the good ones. Or …

27. Oakland Raders (from Dallas)

PICK: S Johnathan Abram, Mississippi State

– He’s a measurables guy who can do a little of everything. He’s got good size, he’s a massive hitter, and he can fly. It would’ve been nice to have had Montez Sweat fall here, but there’s no arguing with everything Abram brings.

– Is he worth Amani Cooper? He’d better be.

– The Chargers have their pick of a whole lot of fantastic guys who are falling. To be a broken record, the corners are all there, and that’s what LA needs.

– Give Phil Rivers DK Metcalf? Maybe help him out with sliding Florida OT Jawaan Taylor? It’ll be hard to whiff on this – it’s going to be a strong first round finishing kick.

– Assuming corner here. The guess … Byron Murphy from Washington.

28. Los Angeles Chargers

PICK: DT Jerry Tillery, Notre Dame

– Interesting. It’s hardly a bad pick considering he’s an amazing interior pass rushing prospect, and he’s got great length and a nice frame, but this might be just a wee bit of a reach considering the talent in other spots still on the board.

– That’s actually not that true. 28th is more than fine. He’s a good value defensive tackle who might not be Jeffery Simmons or Quinnen Williams, but if he’s in one piece – he’s a bit banged up – he’s a disruptive force.

– No way, no how Seattle keeps both of these next two picks. That’s not how it rolls.

– The Seahawks never go the conventional route, so if they stay with these two selections, watch out for a reach of a pass rusher of some sort, but corners are the play. There are too many good ones still alive.

– With one of the two picks, it’s time to give Russell Wilson some help. This would be where DK Metcalf goes for any other normal drafting team.

29. Seattle Seahawks (from Kansas City)

PICK: DE LJ Collier, TCU

– And Seattle goes Seattle. No one knows how to get less value out of a first round selection better than the Seahawks.

– And Seattle goes Seattle by trading away the 30th pick to the Giants.

– It’s not that Collier isn’t good – he’s actually a great fit for the Seahawks – but they blew off Montez Sweat and they took a mid-second round guy at the 29.

– New York nailed it with the Dexter Lawrence pick, paid a lot for that muffler with Daniel Jones at the six, and now with this trade, there has to be a corner they like. Byron Murphy or Deandre Baker? ….

30. New York Giants (from Seattle)

PICK: CB Deandre Baker, Georgia

– Baker isn’t the speed guy you might like in a top corer, but he’s tough, he’ll tackle, and he’ll work. He’s great at getting after the ball, and now the Giants have him.

– It’s a good value get this late. The corners are going to come flying off the board in the second round, and the Giants got their guy … but they had to give up three picks, including their second rounder, to do it.

– Oooooooh, the Falcons traded with the Rams for the next pick. There aren’t any pass rushers there …

31. Atlanta Falcons (from Los Angeles)

PICK: OT Kaleb McGary, Washington

– Apparently, Atlanta would like to block someone. With Chris Lindstrom at the 14, and now McGary, the cornerstones of the line are there for a long, long time.

– Again, infrastructure is never boring. These are two nice pieces.

– New England could’ve used a tight end with this final pick, but there isn’t one worthy of the spot.

– D … K … Metcalf? How fun would THAT be?

32. New England Patriots

PICK: WR N’Keal Harry, Arizona State

– WOW … the Patriots pass on DK Metcalf for Harry. That’s hardly a bad pick. He’s a tough, good No. 1 receiver who should see time right away.

– Why not give Tom Brady more weapons for yet another run? He’s not a blazer like Metcalf – 4.5ish speed compared to 4.3ish – but he’s a baller.

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