2019 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective

2019 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective

2019 NFL Draft

2019 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective


11. Cincinnati Bengals

PICK: OT Jonah Williams, Alabama

– Solid. The Bengals really, really need defense, but Williams is the best offensive lineman in this draft.

– Try him at tackle. The draft world wants to put him at guard, but he’s a total technician who has to be tried out first on the outside.

– He was announced as a tackle, not a guard. He’s going to be terrific for a line that needed a rock to work around.

– Green Bay would’ve loved to have Williams or Devin Bush on the board, and it would’ve been a dream to have TJ Hockenson still there. This now becomes one of the bigger wild-card options considering the Packers have the 30th pick, too.

– Andre Dillard from Washington State? It would make sense to bulk up the offensive line in a Best Player Available moment, but they could go curveball with TE Noah Fant …

12. Green Bay Packers

PICK: DT Rashan Gary, Michigan

– Terrific value pick. It wouldn’t have been a shocker if he went in the top five overall.

– He wasn’t as productive as he should’ve been considering he was the one of ones as a recruit, but he’s a prototype 3-4 defensive end and a fantastic get at the 12.

Gary is going to be a big, big problem for the NFC North. Watch out for him to be a better pro than a collegian.

– For a while, the word has been that Miami wasn’t going quarterback here. But that was before Dwayne Haskins slipped all the way down to this spot.

– Hmmmmmmm, when has a great college quarterback slipped to Miami’s spot before in the first round? That worked out well.

– And that’s the last time we compare Haskins to Dan Marino for a long, long while.

– The Dolphins also need a top corner, a receiver …

13. Miami Dolphins

PICK: DT Christian Wilkins, Clemson

– Love, love, LOVE him. The concept of leadership gets thrown out there too easily – that’s totally Wilkins. Elite character, personality, and … leadership. That was his Tiger D line.

– And he can play, too. The Dolphins needed a defensive lineman, and they just got a gem. They can build around him.

– Pass rusher Brian Burns is right there for you, Atlanta, with the next pick. Or, the Falcons can take whatever corner they want.

This just in … in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Giants still took Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick.

14. Atlanta Falcons

PICK: OG Chris Lindstrom, Boston College

– Infrastructure is never boring. He’s a tough, versatile blocker who can be a tone-setter on the line.

– There were several good defensive players there for the Falcons to take, but the O line needed a little help, too. It’s not a sexy pick, but it should work out just fine.

– Lindstrom can be tried out at tackle, too, but his ten-year career will be on the inside.

– And NOW it’s Dwayne Haskins time. Washington has its pick of wide receivers and cornerbacks, but it can’t mess around. Take Haskins, work him behind Case Keenum, and let him grow into the system and the job.

– Unless Josh Rosen is on the way to DC.

– If Haskins doesn’t go here, where does he go? Denver at the 20?

15. Washington Redskins

PICK: QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State

– All’s well that ends well. He might have slid a bit, but he’s in a good situation and should be able to ease his way in.

– He’s the best quarterback in this draft. He’ll need a whole lot of at-bats, and Washington needs more receivers, but he’s it. Give it a few years, and he’s going to be a fun bomber.

Oooooooh, Daniel Jones to the Giants at the 6 and Dwayne Haskins at the 15 to Washington. This is going to be a fun, fun, fun compare and contrast in the NFC East for the next several years.

– Great pick, great value, great time. Considering where Jones and Kyler Murray went … boom.

– Carolina needs to do something splashy with the next pick. I called this on a Charlotte radio hit today that it would be an offensive tackle like Andre Dillard, or a pass rusher like Clelin Ferrell or Brian Burns …

16. Carolina Panthers

PICK: DE Brian Burns, Florida State

– Burns didn’t get a whole lot of love in the draft hype world, but he’s a really, really nice get for the Panthers.

– He’s a pure pass rushing talent, but that one trick is a good one. It was a need pick for the Panthers that should work out in a hurry. This is exactly what Ron Rivera needed considering the FSU star was still available.

– This pick will get blown off with everyone talking about Dwayne Haskins to Washington before, and with the Giants coming up next, but it was terrific.

– Okay, Giants. The world is killing you for that Daniel Jones pick at the six. Make your fans happy here. Somehow.

How do you make the Giants fan happy now? DK Metcalf or Hollywood Brown. Neither one will be Odell Beckham Jr., but at least Jones would get a weapon.

17. New York Giants (from Cleveland)

PICK: DT Dexter Lawrence, Clemson

– Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes …

– Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes …

– Lawrence is a dream of a killer for the interior of a D line. He might need to be more consistent, and he might need a wee bit of a fire lit under him, but … yes, yes, yes, yes …

– Minnesota, offensive line. Offensive line, offensive line, offensive line, offensive line …

18. Minnesota Vikings

PICK: C Garrett Bradbury, NC State

– Very, very nice. It might not be like taking a quarterback or a big-time defensive player, but stick him in the middle of the Viking line right away, and everything is set.

There’s a whole lot to like on the Vikings, but the O line needed to be beefed up. They’re going to get more, but the scouting world gets all squishy for Bradbury. He’s a strong pick at a great time.

– The Titans need defensive line help, but this is where the receiver and defensive back value is. Maybe one of the Mississippi State defensive linemen in Montez Sweat or Jeffery Simmons, but I’m guessing receiver …

19. Tennessee Titans

PICK: DT Jeffery Simmons, Mississippi State

– He still needs to get over the torn ACL he suffered this offseason, but if he was healthy, he’d be a top ten pick.

– He’s going to be healthy. There’s nothing crazy about the knee injury and it should heal up just fine. It’s a good investment in the near future.

– But the Titans had to go receiver at some point early in the next few rounds. They need something for this year, too.

– Does Denver believe in Drew Lock? That would be a nice value pick after moving down, but the defense needs a whole bunch of work. Simmons went, and this would be where fellow Bulldog Montez Sweat should go … if there aren’t concerns about his heart condition.

20. Denver Broncos (from Pittsburgh)

PICK: TE Noah Fant, Iowa

– Not bad. He’s not TJ Hockenson, but he’s more explosive, a better athlete, and a wonderful pass catcher. He’s not the blocker Hockenson is, but he’s a starting tight end who’ll make your fantasy team.

– A few teams are going to be very, very ticked. Fant was one of those guys  who seemed like he should’ve been there around 25ish and on. Not bad that Denver was able to trade down and get him.

– And nowwwwwww Seattle. Throw everything you know about the NFL Draft at the wall, and hope it sticks. This is the most unconventional drafting franchise, but it needs defensive back help, and a whole slew of corners are there for the taking.

– Oooooooh, Green Bay trading up with Seattle for the next pick? This HAS to be for a wide receiver one pick ahead of Baltimore. Wait … or maybe this is when Montez Sweat goes as an amazing value get here. Wait … or maybe Florida OT Jawaan Taylor. Wait … or …

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