2019 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective

2019 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective

2019 NFL Draft

2019 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective


And here we go with the 2019 NFL Draft with breakdowns, thoughts and analysis of every first round pick. 

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Welcome my self-serving, pretentious stream-of-consiousness notes for the first round of your 2019 NFL Draft, commenting during and after each and every pick.

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NFL Draft: Predraft

Either the cheerleaders on the NFL Draft red carpet are massive, or Kyler Murray is really, really puny.

– Before we start, of course I want Murray to be awesome. I want him to be a transcendent superstar who makes the game of football better, and I’d love it if he shoved it right in my 6-2 stupid-ass face. Of course I hope this pick works – but I don’t think it will.

– When Kurt Warner says he’s worried that Murray is too small to hold up in the pocket for a 16-game NFL season, you listen.

It’s not that Murray is short, but that doesn’t help. It’s that he’s not all that big, and as the No. 1 overall pick, he’s going to have to not only break a mold as the Cardinals blow off prototype defensive prospects in Nick Bosa, Quinnen Willams and Josh Allen to take him.

Take him at the 15, and he can be a starting quarterback. Take him at the No. 1, and he has to be a franchise-maker who carries everything on his shoulders and takes the Cardinals to Super Bowls, plural.

– And now, for the next several hours, it’s going to be the Kyler Murray Fan Club on all three of the network broadcasts.

– It’s not that Murray can’t play or won’t be good, it’s that in today’s NFL, finding a competent starting quarterback just isn’t that hard. It’s about the value more than the player. Taking him with the first overall pick is bad value, however …

– With the current state of rookie contracts, taking a chance on greatness isn’t that bad. If Murray busts out, whatever.

Nick Bosa, please, go up to the podium with the Deadmau5 gear on (it’s his twitter header).

– It’s sort of crazy that there’s really no other national story here other than Murray. After he goes with the No. 1 to Arizona, it’ll be interesting to see where the next quarterback goes, but this draft is really, really light on the skill guys.

– Even in this alpha male setting, Clemson DT Christian Wilkins is still the leader of the pack. Someone’s getting a Face of the Franchise with him.

– I’m honestly at a loss for which broadcast to pay the most attention to. I don’t want to hear gushing – I want hard-ass analysis. I worked with Mike Mayock on the old – sky point – College Football Now show on NFL Network, but now that he’s gone, it’s old school time with Mel Kiper as the guy I want to hear. David Shaw is great, and Kirk Herbstreit’s the best, but I already know and do the college perspective. It’ll be interesting to see where the ratings come in between ABC, ESPN and NFL Network.

– And here we go … 

Seriously … who really wants NFL season tickets for the next 100 years? Who wants to go through the pain in the butt eight Sundays a year when it’s SO much better to sit at home at watch the red zone channel. You say “thank you,” and you sell them immediately.

1. Arizona Cardinals

PICK: QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

– Lost in the shuffle here is that Arizona really, really needs defensive line help and the top part of this draft is really, really loaded with amazing defensive line prospects.

– The Cardinals also need cornerback help, too. They don’t have a whole lot of picks in this thing – they don’t have multiple picks until the seventh – but they really, really need them.

– It’s not that Murray isn’t a fantastic pocket passer, or if he can protect himself. It’s if he can survive after throwing that pass.

How is Josh Rosen not the “perfect fit” for the Kliff Kingsbury system, too?

How is Dwayne Haskins not the “perfect fit” for the Kliff Kingsbury system, too?

– Let’s have some fun. If nothing else, Arizona is going to be a blast to watch with Murray in this system to see what he can do to make it fly. Go get them, Kyler. Be amazing.

2. San Francisco 49ers


– Well that was easy, San Francisco. Let Arizona pick the puny quarterback, and you get the prototype defensive end to fall right in your lap.

– At some point, the Niners need help for the offensive line, and they could use a dangerous receiver, but if it’s possible to get good value at the two, they just did.

– No, he’s not Joey. He’s not as dangerous, as productive, or as good. And he still should be a perennial Pro Bowl talent.

– New York Jets … TRADE THIS PICK. Find some sucker who needs a quarterback and believes Oakland is going to take one, and turn this into a motherlode of selections.

– The Jets are going to make this pick? Hello, Quinnen Williams … it has to be. Ed Oliver is a good call, but Williams might just be the best prospect in this draft.

3. New York Jets

PICK: DT Quinnen Williams, Alabama

– The Jets just nailed it … sort of. It would’ve been nice to get a few picks to trade down, but how do you not take a superstar defensive tackle?

– Read the room. Yeah, the Ram offense did a great job to get to the Super Bowl, but those two tackles – Aaron Donald and Ndamakong Suh – had a whole lot to do with it.

– This is your franchise defensive star. Sam Darnold needs to be the franchise offensive star. Put the rest of the puzzle together, New York.

– NYC will love him. Williams is a good dude who’ll be ultra-media friendly.

– And now the fun begins. Let’s roll, Oakland.

– The correct call is Josh Allen, but do the Raiders mess around and try to trade down for even more picks? Is this where they go quarterback to get that out of the way?

– This would be wild if, all of a sudden, Josh Rosen and Derek Carr are out there for the taking if Oakland goes QB. If you need a passer, you don’t mess around with this draft and go grab one of those two.

Will Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden let the guys at the desk with the helmet phone know what the pick is, or will they kick them out of the room?

4. Oakland Raiders

PICK: LB Clelin Ferrell, Clemson

Clelin Ferrell?! … Good, but Oakland just did Vontae Mack, No Matter What in real life.

– A rookie move. If you wanted Ferrell, kids, you trade down a few spots for him.

– He’s hardly a bad pick, but he’d better be a transcendent pass rushing superstar and perennial Pro Bowl star with the talent left on the table.

Clelin Ferrell, go be as good as Khalil Mack. No pressure.

– YOINK … that’s the sound you just heard with Ed Oliver with Tampa Bay needing defensive linemen. Josh Allen would be a brilliant pick, too. No matter what, defensive coordinator Todd Bowles was just handed a gift of a value get. Including …

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

PICK: LB Devin White, LSU

– WOW … White’s NFL career started out by getting TOTALLY denied by whoever that is he tried to smooch.

– Like Josh Allen and Ed Oliver more, but no complaints whatsoever with a sideline-to-sideline killer of a linebacker. He’s going to be an instant leader and a need pick for a Buc D that could use a whole lot of everything.

– The Giants ran that card up to the podium in a hurry. They don’t need to go quarterback here with a pick at 17. There’s no way they came into this thinking they had a shot at Allen or Oliver.

– It’s got to be Allen. He’s the one to rebuild the defensive line around …

6. New York Giants

PICK: QB Daniel Jones, Duke

– Ugh. Did they watch him play any game other than the bowl win over Temple?

– He’s got good size, he can move, but he’s not consistent or accurate. He’s got a whole lot of skills, but he’s a guy. The Giants just passed on epic defensive prospect for … Daniel Jones.

– David Shaw: “This guy reminds me of Mitchell Trubisky.” That’s not a positive, coach.

– Lord help you, New York Giants, if Dwayne Haskins becomes what we think he will in two years.

– Let’s try this again. Jacksonville, congrats … Josh Allen is going to fall right to you …

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

PICK: LB Josh Allen, Kentucky.

– BOOM. The defense already has a bunch of killers, and now … look out. Allen is a special talent and a special leader who’ll fit in right away and be fantastic.

– The Jaguars can figure out the offensive side later. This is one of the two or three best players in the draft falling to three. He’s always, always, always around big plays.

– There’s one. Now comes the other great value guy. Detroit, I know you need an offensive lineman, and Jawaan Taylor is right there, but Ed Oliver has been gift-wrapped to you. Don’t overthink this.

8. Detroit Lions

PICK: TE TJ Hockenson, Iowa

– Yeah, Ed Oliver is a better pick here, but Hockenson is a real deal prototype tight end who’s going to be a superstar. He’s going to be a part of your fantasy team for the next ten years.

– Buffalo has to be really, really ticked Hockenson went here. He would’ve been the exact right weapon and safety valve for Josh Allen.

– Matthew Stafford just got a guy who’ll become a big-time go-to guy for an already solid passing game. Hockenson is special – totally worth the eight.

– Buffalo is a bit of a wild card here. Again, Ed Oliver is right there for the taking for a team that needs a stud defensive lineman, but …

– It’s going to be Oliver. According to Ian Rappaport, Buffalo tried to trade down to get him. Now it doesn’t have to.

– Buffalo, one word of advice. With your winters, let the guy wear a coat on the sidelines.

9. Buffalo Bills

PICK: DT Ed Oliver, Houston

– Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. The guy is pumped up and jacked to go to … Buffalo. Awesome.

– Ten years from now, we’re going to look back on this pick and say, “really, Giants … Daniel Jones?”

Rich Eisen made my Ed Oliver jacket joke. It wasn’t funny when I made it, either.

– Denver, Dwayne Haskins is right there in your lap. Take him, and develop him for the next two years.

– Joe Flacco is going to break something tasteful if he’s on another team that takes a quarterback in the first round.

– Pittsburgh trades up for this Denver pick. It’s not going to be Haskins. The Steelers aren’t messing around – this has to be for Michigan LB Devin Bush. But DT Rashan …

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Denver)

PICK: LB Devin Bush, Michigan

– This just in … Rich Eisen went to Michigan.

– I could TOTALLY pull off the Devin Bush outfit. I just don’t feel like it.

– The Broncos get the 20th overall pick. That’s where Haskins might go.

– Cincinnati had to have wanted Bush. Watch it go back-to-back Wolverines with DT Rashan Gary still on the board.

And with the 11th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft

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