2019 NFL Draft Day 3: 32 Best Players Available Going Into The Fourth Round

2019 NFL Draft Day 3: 32 Best Players Available Going Into The Fourth Round

2019 NFL Draft

2019 NFL Draft Day 3: 32 Best Players Available Going Into The Fourth Round


Who are the best players still on the board going into the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft? 

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32. OG Beau Benzschawel, Wisconsin

There’s a spot for him somewhere on an NFL offensive front. He’s not really a tackle, and he’s not really a killer of a guard, but he’s good enough to work on the right side at either position. Quick and good at walling off his man, he can play, he just won’t be an anchor.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

31. DT Daylon Mack, Texas A&M

Right defensive tackle, right time. He’s a 6-1, 336-pound bowling ball of an interior defender. He won’t get into the backfield on a regular basis, but in the middle of the line he’ll occupy space and be a nice part of a rotation from Day Three.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

30. LB TJ Edwards, Wisconsin

The NFL tools aren’t there with no speed and not enough in the raw skill department, but he has peerless instincts, is all around the ball, and he’s always going 100 miles per hour without taking a play off. He was always going to do on Day Three, and he’s about to lead someone’s team in tackles.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

29. RB Trayveon Williams, Texas A&M

Really small, really quick, and really productive, he’s a pinball of a runner who’ll be used as a dangerous third down receiver as a part of a rotation. Nah, he won’t be workhorse, but he’ll find a role somewhere as a fun toy to play around with.

Original Projection: Third Round

28. DE Anthony Nelson, Iowa

There’s something missing. His 6-7, 271-pound size is a bit of a problem when it comes to getting leverage, but he’s a strong athlete who can be a good third down pass rusher. The effort is there, and he’s an okay run stopper, but he’s still getting stronger. There’s upside and untapped potential.

Original Projection: Third Round

27. LB Cameron Smith, USC

The 6-2, 238-pounder is about a fourth round talent, and he’s going to go at the right time – and someone will hit a home run with the pick. He’s not massive and he’s not fast, but he’ll make lots and lots and lots of tackles.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

26. WR Emmanuel Hall, Missouri

Speed, speed, speed, speed speed. He’s a 6-2, 200-pounder who can take the top off a defense with his amazing 4.3 wheels. He’s a one-trick guy, but it’s a really good one. Forget about volume grabs, but take him as a No. 3 receiver who should be put on the outside and be a guy who gets two big plays a game coming his way.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

25. LB Vosean Joseph, Florida

Okay, okay, so he really is going to go at about the right time. He’s a 230-pound athlete with a world of upside, but there’s just not enough consistency to his game. On tools alone he should’ve gone somewhere in the late second, and being in the third would’ve been the spot. He has to go somewhere within the first half of the fourth.

Original Projection: Second Round

24. DT Gerald Willis, Miami

Nah, he’s not for everyone. He’s undersized, underpowered, and he needs to make a roster as a pass rusher, but he should be able to get into the backfield on a consistent basis. Just don’t ask him to be a tough guy run defender.

Original Projection: Third Round

23. RB Dexter Williams, Notre

An interesting Day Three prospect, he’s a great value guy mainly because the position has been devalued – he’s a top 50-caliber offensive player with the talent to become a No. 1 rusher. He might not have blazing speed, but he’s a home run hitting back who knows how to hit the hole in a flash.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

22. DE Joe Jackson, Miami

A great leader and tough guy on the outside, the 275-pounder is a starter even though he doesn’t fit the normal pass rushing defensive end mold. Nah, he’s not a speed rusher, and he’s not all that crafty with his style, but he’s productive, and he’s the exact type of tone-setting defender coaches will love.

Original Projection: Third Round

21. RB Rodney Anderson, Oklahoma

There’s no way you can count on him for too many years after a few knee injuries, but he has the talent and the potential to be one of the leagues leading rushers for a stretch. If he was 100% healthy, he would’ve been the best running back in the draft – but staying in one piece is always going to be a question mark. At this point in the draft, take him, feed him the ball, and keep it going as long as possible.

Original Projection: Third Round

20. RB Bryce Love, Stanford

Remember what happened when he was healthy. He fell off map after he hurt his knee, and he wasn’t quite right with an ankle injury at the end of a great 2017, but there’s three-run home run-hitting potential if he regains his form. There’s no questioning his toughness or will, and remember, when everything was fine, he had first round potential.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

19. CB Iman Marshall, USC

Is he a corner? A safety? A little go both? He’s missing the NFL tools for any one position, but he’s not slow, and he can tackle a bit. However, he’s not a consistent ball-hawker, and he’s not a big hitter. He’ll find a role and a job in someone’s rotation, but a spot has to be carved out for him.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

18. LB Te’von Coney, Notre Dame

A good-sized producer with the upside and ability to be a destructive force who turns into a killer value pick. The 313-tackle defender can be a leader with the toughness to hold up against the run. He’ll work in several schemes, but he’s missing that one great NFL tool that stands out. He was a good prospect in the third round, and now he’s a nice grab in the fourth.

Original Projection: Third Round

17. CB Kris Boyd, Texas

A good part of the Day Three wave of corners in a deep class, he’s got good size and 4.45 speed. How many corners in this draft can tackle like he can? Not many. He many broke up 30 passes in the last two years? Nah, he’s not fluid, but he can play. The fourth round is the right spot for him.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

16. DE Austin Bryant, Clemson

There’s just enough to pick apart for him to fall out of the third round and into the fourth – and now the slide has to stop. The 271-pounder is a big pass rusher with versatility, but he’ll get shoved a bit. The want-to, motor, and talent are there to be a must-have not that he lasted past the top 100.

Original Projection: Third Round

14. OG Dru Samia, Oklahoma

He was always expected to fall out of the third round, but it’ll be crazy if he doesn’t get snapped up in a hurry on Saturday. The second he’s in a locker room, he’ll up the attitude game – even if he’s not quite a power blocker. If you want a versatile pass protector who could work at tackle, here you go.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

13. WR Hakeem Butler, Iowa State

A big target with big play ability and a big consistency problem. Anyone 6-5 and 227 pounds with sub-4.5 wheels is worth more than just a flier. The hands aren’t great, and he’s not a special route runner, but refine the issues, and kaboom.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

12. S Jaquan Johnson, Miami

He’s a big-time playmaker with the leadership and hitting ability to make a great impact – if he’s surrounded by athletes. The tools aren’t necessarily at a high level, but someone will be ecstatic that he fell into Day Three – he’s a great value pick.

Original Projection: Third Round

11. S Amani Hooker, Iowa

It’s ridiculous that he didn’t go in the top 75. He’s got the size, the athleticism, and the speed to make plays from everywhere in the secondary. At this point, there’s no downside and all big-time potential for a 4.4ish runner with his pop. What was a no-bust easy pick before Saturday is now a home run swing.

Original Projection: Third Round

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