10 Best 2019 NFL Draft Prop Bets

10 Best 2019 NFL Draft Prop Bets

2019 NFL Draft

10 Best 2019 NFL Draft Prop Bets


4. Dwayne Haskins Draft Position

LINE: Over 6.5 (-300), Under 6.5 (+250)

Is it all a rumor? Is it all a smokescreen? Is it all scouts and general managers throwing things out there to see if they’ll stick?

It might be a bit of a cliché that no one really knows anything among the pundits and experts, but right now, trust me … no one really knows anything, because no one has a clue where the quarterbacks will go.

Is Kyler Murray really going to go No. 1 overall? That can’t be real … Arizona isn’t going to be dumb enough to give up on Josh Rosen, the 2018 tenth pick overall – and a quarterback, too – for a bag of Cheetos, will it?

Yeah, probably. And then the fun begins.

Can Duke’s Daniel Jones really be selected ahead of Dwayne Haskins? Some weird rumors are out there that Missouri’s Drew Lock is the second quarterback off the board.

But none of that matters with this prop bet. Murray, Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, Josh Allen, and maybe Ed Oliver will likely make up the top five in some way, and then it’s up to the Giants at six, and they need a quarterback.

This is where Haskins should go … if it’s not Jones. And if the Giants don’t trade down.

There’s a chance you don’t just win on the 6.5 over with Haskins; you might beat it by a mile.

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