2019 NFL Two Round Mock Draft: From The College Perspective. The Correct Answers

2019 NFL Two Round Mock Draft: From The College Perspective. The Correct Answers

2019 NFL Draft

2019 NFL Two Round Mock Draft: From The College Perspective. The Correct Answers


11. Cincinnati Bengals

The Pick Will Be: LB Devin Bush, Michigan

At some point, Cincinnati needs to do something to improve the quarterback situation, and both lines could use a massive boost, but assume a Devin goes here – either White from LSU or Bush from Michigan.

12. Green Bay Packers

The Pick Will Be: OG Jonah Williams, Alabama

The Packers have enough early picks to have a little fun. They’d love it if a Devin would slide to this spot, and getting Hockenson is a dream, but Williams would be a nice value pick. His versatility would be an instant boost somewhere up front. They’ll get their tight end later.

13. Miami Dolphins

The Pick Will Be: DE Montez Sweat, Mississippi State

The Dolphins need to figure out the quarterback situation at some point – it’s just cake, Ryan Fitzpatrick, not love – but there’s no need to draft one this high with Josh Rosen supposedly on the table. Instead, they take a chance on greatness – risks and all – on Sweat.

14. Atlanta Falcons

The Pick Will Be: DE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson

Former Clemson star Vic Beasley might not be getting the job done, but that doesn’t mean the Falcons can or should ignore another Tiger pass rushing prospect. If they don’t reach for a corner, Ferrell, Sweat, or Florida State’s Brian Burns goes here.

15. Washington Redskins

The Pick Will Be: QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State

The slide stops here. It would be a decent situation for Haskins to take a little time to get up to speed behind Case Keenum. Give it three weeks.

16. Carolina Panthers

The Pick Will Be: OT Andre Dillard, Washington State

This is the Montez Sweat spot if the health concerns cause him to tumble down the first round. Ferrell and Florida State’s Brian Burns might be options, too, for a pass rush that needs more killers, but the offensive line needs a young star to build around.

17. New York Giants (from Cleveland)

The Pick Will Be: CB Byron Murphy, Washington

Theory time … LSU’s Greedy Williams is going to be one of the draft’s biggest sliders. Assume the Giants don’t mess around and take a quarterback early on, and assume they’ll go wide receiver later – even though DK Metcalf is on the board. Flip a coin between Murphy and Georgia’s Deandre Baker.

18. Minnesota Vikings

The Pick Will Be: DT Christian Wilkins, Clemson

The Vikings really, really, really need help on the offensive line, but that can come later. They also need a stud defensive tackle who can step into a starting spot right away, or at least provide some much needed depth. Washington State’s Andre Dillard or Bama’s Jonah Williams go here if one of the star O linemen is still on the board.

19. Tennessee Titans

The Pick Will Be:  DE Brian Burns, Florida State

If Minnesota – or someone else in the top 18 – doesn’t take Wilkins, Tennessee will be more than happy to snap him up as the leader of the D line. More pass rushing help would be nice, too, and grabbing Sweat, Ferrell, or Burns here to go along with Harold Landry would be scary-good.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pick Will Be: CB Deandre Baker, Georgia

Baker, Murphy, or Greedy Williams – the Steelers will take a cornerback. The Giants will take Baker or Murphy, and Pittsburgh will grab the other. If Devin Bush or Devin White miraculously falls this low, linebacker would be the pick.

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