Tate Martell Eligible To Play For Miami This Year. What It All Means.

Tate Martell Eligible To Play For Miami This Year. What It All Means.


Tate Martell Eligible To Play For Miami This Year. What It All Means.


Former Ohio State QB Tate Martell has been declared eligible to play right away for Miami. Watch out for the Hurricanes.

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That sound you just heard was the rest of the ACC Coastal division – and college football coaches who now have to always be recruiting their own players to keep them around – yelling a collective, “Oh … COME ON!”

No, it doesn’t mean everyone can and will transfer just because, but it’ll mean everyone will think they can transfer, just because.

Yes, players should be able to transfer, and yes, the penalty of losing a year of eligibility is a bit too cruel, but Tate Martell is at Miami because he’s not as good as Justin Fields, and he wouldn’t have been the starting quarterback for Ohio State.

Really? Urban Meyer was suspended by Ohio State for the first few games of last season, now there’s a coaching change, and that’s enough of a hardship for Martell to be eligible?

Fine, so that’s the deal. Now that we know the rules and know the playing field, it’s Game On for college football teams to go after EVERYONE.

Coach left? Eligible.

Program got hit with sanctions? Eligible.

Got the sniffles? Eligible.

Good luck, college football coaches, trying to keep your guys around, because they’re about to be pushed up on hard.

But for college football fans, this is going to be a whole lot of fun, especially this year with Miami turning into a true player in the ACC title chase. The Hurricanes were going to be great before, but now they have their quarterback.

Quarterback was Miami’s one big question mark. N’Kosi Perry, Cade Weldon and Jarren Williams were going to fight it out for the No. 1 gig, but now, be shocked and stunned if it’s not Martell taking over right away.

The receiving corps is loaded, thanks to the addition of Buffalo’s KJ Osborn and the return of leading target Jeff Thomas, who was off to Illinois before changing his mind and returning.

The offensive line should be okay, the defense has one of the nation’s top linebacking corps, and the players are there to fill in up front and in the openings in the secondary.

This was going to be the team to beat in the ACC Coastal, and now with Martell under center, be shocked if it’s not going to the conference title game for the second time in three seasons.

Martell was a big-time recruit for Ohio State, with the mobility to be just the type of baller who worked in the pre-Dwayne Haskins days of the Urban era, and with the efficient passing skills to open it up, too.

He’s better than Joe Burrow, who stepped in at LSU and helped lead the way to a huge season and a Fiesta Bowl win, but is he better than Fields?

It’s going to be one of the biggest storylines all season long. If Martell is fantastic right away for the Hurricanes, the pressure will be on Fields to be amazing. There is no grace period – the former Georgia transfer has be special, because Martell is going to be great.

That is, he’ll be great if he can somehow get over Meyer’s suspension.

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