Safety Rankings At The 2019 NFL Combine

Safety Rankings At The 2019 NFL Combine

2019 NFL Draft

Safety Rankings At The 2019 NFL Combine


4. Nasir Adderley, Delaware 6-0, 200 (2)

Career Statistics: 194 tackles, 11 INTs, 22 broken up passes

Why Nasir Adderley Is Here On The List: Among the most versatile defensive backs in the draft, the small school superstar is built like a safety but he can play a big corner if absolutely needed. More than anything else, he can move, and he can get around the ball and make big things happen.

The only real knock is the FCS. He could be a little bit more sound as a tackler, but find a defensive back in this draft you can’t say that about. His pass coverage skills are too good to pass up, but there are just enough slight tweaks – to go along with the upgrade in competition – to knock him down a wee bit.

What The NFL Types Want To See:  What position fits him? He’s a safety, but it he going to be a hybrid type who’s allowed to roam free and make things happen, or could he be moved to corner? Someone will need to find a set plan for him.

Bottom Line: Figure it out. With his athleticism and willingness to pop, put him in the middle of the field and tell him to go make something happen. He’s experienced enough, fast enough, and savvy enough to handle himself just fine, potentially as someone’s tone-setting leader and ball-hawking star.

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