Daily Cavalcade: The Kyler Murray Pro Day ... He's Still Short

Daily Cavalcade: The Kyler Murray Pro Day ... He's Still Short

College Football Cavalcade

Daily Cavalcade: The Kyler Murray Pro Day ... He's Still Short


By not getting measured for height, and not running the 40, the focus and talk of Kyler Murray’s Pro Day isn’t where it should be. 

“Weight, 105. Yeah, in your bra!”

I’m totally and completely miserable at 1) ordering Wendy’s – I ALWAYS panic and go for the super-burger/chicken thing rather than taking the stand-up double with the 4 for $4, 2) judging how old someone is – I assume everyone is my age, until I find out they’re ten years younger – and 3) figuring out height on sight.

I’m exactly 6-2. After standing next to Baker Mayfield a few times, I’d have bet two dollars that the guy wasn’t going to measure over six feet – he came in at 6-0 5/8 –  but I’ll openly admit that I’m wrong here, because the NFL scouting types have zero interest whatsoever in fudging a measurement.

With that said, Kyler Murray is 5-10 like Felicity Huffman’s kid got a 1500 on the SATs.

I just got done with a long, screamy argument with my daughter and her friend about why the YouTube conspiracy theories are so dangerous – the 9/11 denier theory being pushed on a generation that wasn’t alive in 2001 is frightening – in today’s climate of distrust towards the real media. But … but … yeah …

Get out the tin-foil hat. I think I just might be a Kyler Murray 5-10 truther.

But how? A zero-gravity chamber? Hanging upside-down for three weeks to stretch out the spine? I don’t know, but if he really is 5-10 – and don’t forget that extra 1/8th inch, too – then why not get measured again?

Height and hand size. Those are the two constants when it comes to the measurables that matter. Everything else – weight, 40 time, strength – can all be improved and can all yo-yo.

So why didn’t he get measured for height at his Pro Day? Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, along with baseball agent Scott Boras, had to know how that would look.

Obviously, when you get yes for an answer, you take it and move on, and that’s what the Murray camp received from the NFL Combine. But if you’re 5-10, you’re 5-10.

If Murray “won” the Combine simply by his measurements alone, then he “lost” the Pro Day by not getting his height measured and by not running the 40.

We all knew he could throw. We all know he’s a brilliant passer. That’s not the point when it comes to whether or not Murray should be the No. 1 overall pick.

It’s all silly, of course.

We all know that Murray is fast, but if he really is 4.4ish – or even a lot faster, as has been rumored – then why not crank up the buzz?

Worst of all, he wore a shirt that said Pro Day with Murray on his sleeve AT his Pro Day. Don’t be that guy.

If you liked Murray as an NFL quarterback at 5-10, then you’d like him at 5-9, too. I like my quarterbacks 6-5 and 230 with mobility, but if you think Murray is a No. 1 overall pick type of star who can carry a franchise to a Super Bowl, then good for you.

How was the throwing part of the Pro Day? It was fantastic, because EVERY quarterback’s staged and scripted Pro Day is fantastic.

His throwing motion is effortless, he was accurate, and he looked smooth as silk overall. He’s absolutely an NFL passer, he’s an elite winner, and …

Fiiiiiiine. He’s 5-10.

But he’s not 6-5, 230.


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