2019 NFL Combine Day 1 Big Things: Running Backs, Offensive Linemen

2019 NFL Combine Day 1 Big Things: Running Backs, Offensive Linemen

2019 NFL Draft

2019 NFL Combine Day 1 Big Things: Running Backs, Offensive Linemen


What are the big things that matter from Day 1 of the 2019 NFL Combine, the running back and offensive lineman workouts?

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The 2019 NFL Combine is underway with the offensive linemen and running backs getting a workout. In general, the O linemen were a pleasant surprise and the running backs were underwhelming, but the big story of this whole thing continues to be around a short quarterback, and now …

5. Kyler Murray Isn’t Going To Workout

It’s as if the whole world has changed because of one inch.

Because Murray measured in at 5-10 and not 5-9, and because he busted it to get up to 207 pounds, now he’s apparently a lock for Arizona to take with the No. 1 overall pick.

Forgetting that the Cardinals already have a great passing prospect in Josh Rosen to still develop, and blow off a historic class of defensive tackles, a potential superstar DE in Nick Bosa, and a big bomber of a quarterback in Dwayne Haskins to go after, the momentum for Murray to be the guy in this draft isn’t slowing down.

And with the chance to set the world on fire and become the alpha-pick in the 2019 NFL Draft process, he tapped out …

It’s technically the smart move, considering he doesn’t have to do anything at this point and he’s still likely going to be a top five overall pick, if not No. 1, but it certainly would’ve been nice to see him get out there and throw against air.

If he’s really that much quicker, that much more athletic, and that much better than everyone else, then this was the chance to prove it.

The comparisons to Baker Mayfield and Russell Wilson keep on coming – two other smallish quarterbacks who turned out to be okay – but there’s one giant difference. Those two quarterbacks had experience.

Mayfield threw almost 1,500 college passes and played in 48 college games before going to Cleveland. Wilson played in 50 career games and, like Mayfield, threw almost 1,500 passes.

Murray threw 519 passes and played in just 29 games, and started in just over half of them.

He’ll rock at his Pro Day and everyone will gush, but the expectation as the No. 1 pick in the draft is to be the guy who leads the way to Super Bowls – plural – for Arizona.

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