19 For '19 Offseason Topics: No. 9 Power Five Sleeper Teams

19 For '19 Offseason Topics: No. 9 Power Five Sleeper Teams

2019 Spring Football

19 For '19 Offseason Topics: No. 9 Power Five Sleeper Teams


SEC: Arkansas Razorbacks

The idea of being a sleeper is relative – it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to win the division. Maybe a team can be a sleeper on a one or two week basis to catch a giant team off-guard.

That’s Arkansas, with a team that should be what last year’s wasn’t.

No one was expecting Chad Morris to step in and make the Hogs the new Alabama, but with his offensive coaching style, they were supposed to be that dangerous team that, on the right day, could pull off a shocker. The defense wasn’t going to stop anyone, but that offense …

It didn’t show up.

Not only was the Arkansas offense bad in the 2-10 season, but it got worse as the season went on. Call that the proverbial one step back to potentially take a giant leap forward.

The problems led to a wholesale change of quarterback possibilities, with Texas A&M’s Nick Starkel coming aboard instead of going to Florida State, and with SMU’s Ben Hicks transferring over, too.

SEC 2019 Win Total Projections

The running backs are good, even if almost all of the good ones seemingly got hurt this spring, La’Michael Pettway left, but most of the top targets are back, and the line can’t help but be stronger.

The defense? Sort of along for the ride, and not the point – this all works for Arkansas this season if the offense starts to crank it up.

Beating Portland State, Colorado State – after losing to the Rams last year – WKU and San Jose State shouldn’t be an issue, but the Hogs need to be able screw up at least a few SEC teams, and they should.

Again, they’re not going to the College Football Playoff or anything, but can the passing game start to kick in like it’s supposed to and stun an Auburn? Mississippi State? How about catching Alabama off-guard as it looks forward to its off week to prepare for LSU? How about LSU as it gets ready for Texas A&M?

At the very least, the Hogs should be a whole lot more fun.
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