19 For '19 Offseason Topics: No. 13. Key Transfers You Probably Forgot About

19 For '19 Offseason Topics: No. 13. Key Transfers You Probably Forgot About

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19 For '19 Offseason Topics: No. 13. Key Transfers You Probably Forgot About


19 for ’19: 19 key offseason topics: No. 13. Five of the most important transfers who are flying under the radar a bit … for now.

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Of course Tate Martell going to Miami is a big freaking deal.

Of course you know and care about Justin Fields leaving Georgia for Ohio State, Jalen Hurts becoming an Oklahoma Sooner, and Kelly Bryant going from Clemson to Missouri. But other key transfers will make a massive impact on the 2019 college football season, too, and they aren’t quite getting as much national recognition.


Over the next few months, these five that you probably didn’t know – or forgot about – are going to be enormous difference-makers.

5. OG/C Parker Braun, from Georgia Tech to Texas

The tough part about his transferring is that he’s exactly what the new coaching staff at Georgia Tech needs to build around.

He’s a different sort of tweener blocker, working as a smallish 6-3, 280-pound guard in the former Yellow Jacket system under Paul Johnson, but without the raw bulk to be a top prospect among the NFL Draft types – at least as a guard.

Can he work at tackle? Again, size is sort of a problem, but he has the feet, toughness and the athleticism give it a shot. However, his future – especially at the next level – is likely at center, and that’s where Texas is a possible fit.

The Longhorns lose starting guards Patrick Vahe and Elijah Rodriguez, and they also lose last year’s star transfer for the line, former Rice OT Calvin Anderson.

However, Zach Shackelford is back at center after earning All-Big 12 honors. Braun’s arrival allows for the coaching staff to play around with the interior combinations a bit.

Durable, smart, and talented, Braun was a terrific three-year all-star for Georgia Tech on the field and in the classroom, and that’s where this takes a twist. He’s a grad transfer who’s transferring to go to not only play football, but to really and truly go to graduate school.

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