Wide Receiver Rankings At The 2019 NFL Combine

Wide Receiver Rankings At The 2019 NFL Combine

2019 NFL Draft

Wide Receiver Rankings At The 2019 NFL Combine


1. D.K. Metcalf, Ole Miss 6-3, 228 (1)

Career Statistics: 67 catches, 1,228 yards (18.3 ypc), 14 TDs

Why D.K. Metcalf Is Here On The List:  If he can somehow stay healthy, look … out.

That’s a big, giant if, though, that might knock him down late in the first round after he missed part of last year with a neck injury and with a foot problem early on in his Ole Miss career. If he’s right and if he can stay in one piece, the superstar tools are there to be a devastating franchise No. 1 guy.

You want size? He’s built out of central casting with serious toughness and power – he’s a matchup problem. The speed is there to go along with the size, with the potential to blow up the workout circuit with a terrific 40 time. He needs a whole lot of polish, coaching, and tweaking, but he’s just too special an all-around prospect.

What The NFL Types Want To See: Does he have the sharpness and route-running ability to go along with the size and the straight line speed? How is his neck and is he going to be a problem with his health conditions from the past three years?

Bottom Line: It’s a little scary to put him ahead of guys who were far better and far more productive in college, but players with his upside are rare. If it all comes together and he can progress a little more – and if he can be a sharper route runner – he has the upside to be too unstoppable to ignore.

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