Wide Receiver Rankings At The 2019 NFL Combine

Wide Receiver Rankings At The 2019 NFL Combine

2019 NFL Draft

Wide Receiver Rankings At The 2019 NFL Combine


3. A.J. Brown, Ole Miss 6-0, 226 (1)

Career Statistics: 189 catches, 2,984 yards (15.8 ypc), 19 TDs

Why A.J. Brown Is Here On The List: The talent is there, but the body type isn’t quite what some might like.

He measured at a smallish 6-0, but he uses his 226 pounds well with a physical style that give corners a nightmare of a time, and with just enough speed to come up with big plays with the ball in his hands.

Expect him to be more of a reliable mid-range receiver than a deep ball home-run hitter, but he’ll catch passes in bunches and he’ll always work his way to get open. He’s a craftsman who looks and plays the part on the field – there’s very little work to do and there’s little wasted motion to his game.

What The NFL Types Want To See:  The 40 time matters. His style isn’t about speed, so it’s not a killer if he’s in the 4.7ish range, but anything truly awful knocks him down several spots. Expect him to be around 4.5 to go along with his bulk and power style – that will be enough.

Bottom Line: All of the traits of being a franchise receiver are there, and he might just be the first one off the board going somewhere in the top 15. He’s got the right combination of reliability and potential time-to-time home run-hitting skills. There’s little bust potential for him with perennial Pro Bowl talent.

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