Vanderbilt Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: A Pass Rushing Problem For The SEC

Vanderbilt Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: A Pass Rushing Problem For The SEC


Vanderbilt Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: A Pass Rushing Problem For The SEC


Everything you need to know and what actually matters about the 2019 Vanderbilt Commodores recruiting class. 

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In any other conference, this is an okay recruiting class that would rank among the middle of the pack. Of course, Vanderbilt is in the SEC, which means this might just be the league’s weakest recruiting class. However …

It’s par for the course for the program. Vandy will always hover around the 40s – at best – in the recruiting rankings, but as last year showed, it’s still possible to win with the players the team can get.

Head coach Derek Mason is bringing in the pass rushers. DT Daevion Davis is a good get, but the ends bending signed on should be the difference-makers over the next few seasons. Christian James has the speed and skill to be in the mix early on.

The idea was to keep increasing the overall speed and athleticism. The class is light on true wide receivers – that was last year’s class – but there are a whole lot of versatile options who can be moved around where needed.

Will Anfernee Orji be a linebacker or a safety? Do you really want to wait a few years for the 195-pounder to pack on the extra pounds to play him at linebacker? Nah … he might be too good to keep off the field around his current size. Expect the star of the class to be a safety.

Mason loves to sign tight ends. He brought in three last season, and he signed two this year. Joel DeCoursey and Justin Ball aren’t top-shelf prospects, but they have the size and potential versatility to move positions.

Will any of the young players be able to step in at quarterback? Losing Kyle Shurmur is a big deal, but Mo Hasan is the next guy up. Allan Walters was signed last season, and Jamil Muhammad was this year’s quarterback recruit. They’ll both get a shot.

Defensive back is another big hold. Last year’s class was a wee bit light on bulk, but the talent was there among the three prospects. This year, Dontye Carriere-Williams needs to be the early star. The JUCO transfer has to fill an immediate need.

Again, it’s a nice class for Vanderbilt. The Commodore classes have to be compared to their own past, and not against the Alabamas of the world. Don’t get caught up in wherever this one is ranked by the services – it’s as good as Vandy has had in a long time.


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