USC Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: All Things Considered, It's Fine, But ...

USC Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: All Things Considered, It's Fine, But ...


USC Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: All Things Considered, It's Fine, But ...


Everything you need to know and what actually matters about the 2019 USC Trojans recruiting class. 

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It could’ve been a whole lot worse. Considering the question marks over Clay Helton’s status – at least when it came to any negative recruiting against him – and after all of the issues from last year, and with all the turmoil at offensive coordinator, there were plenty of excuses for a mediocre class. All things considered, it’s fine, but …

It’s USC. It’s supposed to have an amazing class loaded with talent no matter what. It’s one of those programs that gets four and five-star guys just by turning the fax machine on. It’ll end up being ranked well within the top 20 on sheer bulk, but it’s hardly a top ten haul.

Helton and his staff closed well. Landing the plane on WR Kyle Ford was good, and a good February National Signing Day helped, but there weren’t any five-star talents like normal. There’s no JT Daniels or Amon-Ra St. Brown.

When USC is humming on the recruiting trail, you don’t get a sniff of an offer if you’re not at least a strong four-star prospect. This year’s class is full of just guys to build up the depth. The last five classes were loaded with superstars who could’ve gone anywhere. This one is packed with bulk bodies.   The perfect example is …

Drake Jackson. He’s a great-looking defensive end prospect with the right size, athleticism and ability to make a splash, growing into a starting job. But instead of beating out the Alabamas and Georgias of the world for him, USC beat Oregon, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. And he’s one of the stars of the class.

Kyle Ford was the big get. He’s a 6-3 NFL-looking target who got the full-court press from Georgia, Ohio State, Florida and Michigan. He was the best signing in a strong group of receivers.

The offensive line needs the most help going into the season, relying on a whole bunch of young players to be ready for primetime. The last two classes all but ignored the offensive front – there wasn’t a need. That’s going to be Priority One next year.

Helton went after a few tight ends to throw into the mix to help out Daniels. Ethan Rae and Jude Wolfe have the right size and body types to be given a look right away as big midrange receivers.

The class is good. No, it’s not up to USC’s normal standards, but it would be hailed as an epic haul by at least 100 other programs. However, there’s a big problem if Helton has another bad season and there’s a regime change. A second straight just-okay-for-USC recruiting class would be a problem.


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