Texas A&M Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Jimbo's Breakout Class

Texas A&M Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Jimbo's Breakout Class

Texas A&M

Texas A&M Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Jimbo's Breakout Class


Everything you need to know and what actually matters about the 2019 Texas A&M recruiting class. 

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Recruiting hasn’t been an issue for Texas A&M – Kevin Sumlin did a little bit of alright with his 2014 class with Myles Garrett, Armani Watts and Josh Reynolds – but this is different. Jimbo Fisher has a national title ring, and now he has a potential building block of a national championship-caliber recruiting class.

Yeah, yeah, yeah … big deal. So A&M signed a bunch of good prospects. Its class still isn’t as strong as Alabama’s or Georgia’s, and it’s probably not quite as good as LSU’s. But it’s right there, and in this horseshoes and hand grenades business of recruiting, that’s all that matters. With this class, Texas A&M is in the game.

There’s a difference between having a top 15ish class and one that’s hovering around the top five. Getting the great base of four-star guys gets you a whole lot of respect, but almost all the SEC teams have that. Get a few prospects with that fifth star next to their names, and then you’re a true player.

Texas A&M tends to get a lot out of those five-star types. WR Christian Kirk was one of them. So was Garrett, and depending on which service you like, so was current QB Kellen Mond. So being a five-star doesn’t guarantee anything – hello, Kyle Allen – but getting them doesn’t hurt.

Landing future NFL starting tackle Kenyon Greene was big in the early recruiting period, and corner Erick Young is a special talent who needs to quickly become a lockdown star on one side.

Greene and Young are fantastic, but DE DeMarvin Leal might just be the best prospect of the bunch. NO, he’s not Myles Garrett, but he’s got the size. As good as Young is at corner, Demani Richardson should be that at safety. And that’s why …

If A&M didn’t get the best group of defensive backs this recruiting cycle, it’s awfully close. There weren’t many signed last year, but this time around, Fisher was able to say the words Jalen Ramsey and Derwin James, and the NFL pitch to the top defensive backs wasn’t a problem. This group is fantastic.

What happens when you turn a tight end from a zero to a big-time draft pick? You get more tight end prospects who want to be Jace Sternberger. Welcome to the Texas A&M passing game, Jalen Wydermyer and Baylor Cupp.

Is Isaiah Spiller going to be a running back or a receiver? Trayveon Williams is gone, and now the battle for the starting running back job is on.  However, Spiller is built like a killer No. 1 target. No matter where he plays, he’s going to be a factor right away. Oklahoma had him, and A&M yanked him away.

Now the pressure is going to be on. No, no one’s thinking Fisher is going to take this group and win a national title right now, but … there’s a sense that something big is coming soon. Aggie fans desperate to finally break through might just remember this as the turning point, sort of like Florida State’s 2011 and 2012 classes under Fisher. They’ve got the coach, they’ve got the stability, and now the program has the talent.


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