SEC Recruiting Rankings, Stars, 3 Other Things That Matter From 2019 National Signing Day

SEC Recruiting Rankings, Stars, 3 Other Things That Matter From 2019 National Signing Day


SEC Recruiting Rankings, Stars, 3 Other Things That Matter From 2019 National Signing Day


2. 2019 SEC Recruiting Rankings

No, really. How good were the SEC classes this 2019 recruiting season?

14. Vanderbilt Commodores

It’s not fair and it’s not right that Vanderbilt classes get compared to what the rest of the SEC gets, but that’s that deal. There were a few prospects who had plenty of other big-time choices – like LB Anfernee Orji – but mostly this class is about upgrading the speed, especially in the secondary and defensive line.
Vanderbilt Recruiting 2019: A Pass Rushing Problem For The SEC

13 Missouri Tigers

It all depends on how you want to grade what Barry Odom and his staff did this offseason. No, there aren’t enough superstar prospects – CB Jalani Williams and OT Jack Buford are two of the bigger gets, and they wouldn’t even be noticed in most of SEC’s classes – but remember, TCU QB Shawn Robinson and Clemson QB Kelly Bryant were the star recruits, just in a different way.
Missouri Recruiting 2019: They All Still Signed On

12 Kentucky Wildcats

It’s a very Kentucky class. There are far more strong SEC-caliber recruits than what Missouri and Vanderbilt got, but there’s still a big divide between this group and the other 11 SEC teams. This isn’t an insult – for UK, it did just fine. Mark Stoops has proven he can win with the prospects he brings in.
Kentucky Recruiting 2019: A Secondary Class

11 Ole Miss Rebels

Almost all of the restrictions are off now, and here come the players. Matt Luke signed over 30 guys during the recruiting season, and in this case, there really is strength in numbers. The receiver prospects he landed are as good as any in the conference, and there’s enough talent elsewhere to create some excellent depth chart battles.
Ole Miss Recruiting 2019: The Reborn Rebels?

10 Mississippi State Bulldogs

It’s really, really good. The offensive side will need a bit more help next year, but head coach Joe Moorhead crushed it with his defensive talents. However, Charles Cross is one of the best offensive tackles coming into the conference, and JUCO RB Kareem Walker should be an instant factor.
Mississippi State Recruiting 2019: Moorhead Upped The Recruiting Game

9 Arkansas Razorbacks

Head coach Chad Morris crushed it on the recruiting trail, pulling in a massive class that has quality to go along with the quantity. After a miserable season on the field, there were openings for talent upgrades across the board, and this class does just that.
Arkansas Recruiting 2019: A Game Changing Class

8 South Carolina Gamecocks

The class went from good to fantastic with a few National Signing Day gets. Will Muschamp already had one of the league’s best defensive end prospects in Zacch Pickens, but he kept on going for what turned out be a great season for the D line. It’s not the sexiest class, but it’s rock-solid.
South Carolina Recruiting 2019: Big D For USC

7 Tennessee Volunteers

It’s a shame that the job Jeremy Pruitt did isn’t going to receive a whole lot of national recognition thanks to what the top SEC teams did. It’s not the devastating class of past Vol recruiting seasons, but it should help get the program back on track. To go cliché, Pruitt knocked it out of the park on NSD, landing LB Henry To’oto’o and OT Darnell Wright.
Tennessee Recruiting: Great, Now Win With This Talent

6 Auburn Tigers

Start with signing QB Bo Nix, and everything else falls into place from there.  There might be a few too many fill-out-the-scholarship signings and fliers, but the high-end prospects for the defensive line and secondary are as good as any in the conference.
Auburn Recruiting 2019: Bo Or Bust?

5 Florida Gators

Call this sort of the unofficial island program in the 2019 SEC rankings. There’s a big gap between what Florida came up with, and what Tennessee and Auburn did, and there’s a bit of a divide before getting to the top four, too. Whatever – it’s an outstanding class for Dan Mullen, landing CB Chris Steele out of California and doing a wonderful job go bringing in the talent to potentially win the SEC.
Florida Recruiting 2019: Now We Get To See What Mullen Can Do

4 Texas A&M Aggies

There aren’t any complaints with a class that should put A&M into the SEC elite over the next few seasons, if not this year. The talent is mostly on the defensive side, and especially in the secondary. If this isn’t the nation’s best haul of defensive backs, it’s close.
Texas A&M Recruiting 2019: Jimbo’s Breakout Class

3 LSU Tigers

As is, you could make an argument that LSU belongs in the top spot, and it would’ve almost certainly have been there if it wasn’t for a few NSD losses on the defensive line. Even so, Ed Orgeron put together a special class of offensive linemen, and he stocked the shelves with a whole lot of NFL talent for the defensive side.
LSU Recruiting 2019: Coach O Loaded Up The D

2 Georgia Bulldogs

If you want to put Georgia in the top spot, go for it. It’s either Georgia or Alabama, and it doesn’t matter – both classes are national championship good. Stealing away WR George Pickens from Auburn took an already wonderful class up a whole other level, and it already had a few amazing receivers signed on. There’s talent to drool over at just about every position.
Georgia Recruiting 2019: The Class To Finally Get It Done

1 Alabama Crimson Tide

Here’s the ever-so-slight difference between the Alabama class and Georgia’s – the Tide signed on just a few more amazing prospects, and there’s absolutely no wasted motion. There’s no such thing as an okay signing by Nick Saban, with an unfair number of elite defensive linemen being brought in to go along with all the next-level offensive talent, especially for the line.
Alabama Recruiting 2019: The Tide Roll Past THAT Loss

5. The SEC dominated, but …
4. It’s tough to be UK, Mizzou & Vandy
3. The flips, and why they were so nasty
1. 2019 All-SEC Recruiting Team

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