Rutgers Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Slow, Steady Improvement

Rutgers Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Slow, Steady Improvement


Rutgers Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Slow, Steady Improvement


Everything you need to know and what actually matters about the 2019 Rutgers Scarlet Knight recruiting class. 

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It’s a better class than last year’s, and it’s an improvement over what Rutgers was able to get in the recent past. On sheer bulk, it’s not the worst recruiting season in the Big Ten, but the overall star power still isn’t there. There isn’t a superstar in this group to get all that fired up about.

There was more of a fence put around New Jersey this year. There were several New York recruits last year, but only five recruits came from New Jersey. This year, Chris Ash landed nine players from the home state.

He needs to get the best local players, but he needs to get the best players, period. Owning New Jersey as much as possible is a plus, but owning a piece of Florida or California or Texas would be better. It’s not like the Scarlet Knights are getting the Garden State stars.

There have to be a few more parts for the passing game, and it starts at quarterback. Zamar Wise and Cole Snyder will get absolutely every opportunity to show what they can do as soon as they get a shot.

The defense needed a few bodies on the interior, and it came up with two defensive tackles. Rayyan Buell and Malachi Burby aren’t good enough prospects to rely on to become anchors. Next year’s class has to load up with bulk for the line.

The defensive backs are the stars, starting with Donald Williams at one corner spot and Donovan Bunch for another. They were in the hunt for a few ACC schools, and they should be in the depth chart rotation soon.

Can the running backs play a role early on? There’s speed and quickness in Kay’Ron Adams and Aaron Young. Adams was wanted by Iowa, and Young got the press from Penn State. Like the rest of the class, they’ll get plenty of early opportunities.

Sensing a theme? This class has to provide a jolt as soon as humanly possible, and that’s not exactly fair for any new recruits. It’s all about bulk, and it’s all about strength in numbers. There needs to be at least two shockers from this group that makes others mock the whole star-ranking recruiting system.

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