Running Back Rankings Going Into The 2019 NFL Combine

Running Back Rankings Going Into The 2019 NFL Combine

2019 NFL Draft

Running Back Rankings Going Into The 2019 NFL Combine


1. David Montgomery, Iowa State 5-11, 219 (2)

Career Statistics: 624 carries for 2,925 yards (4.7 ypc), 26 TDs. 71 catches for 582 yards

Why David Montgomery Is Here On The List: Nowhere near as sexy as Josh Jacobs as a prospect, and not as explosive or as special as others who’ll blow up the workout circuit, Montgomery is simply a very, very good back with the talent to grow into one of the league’s top ten backs.

If you’re going for the three-run home run pick, again, that’s Jacobs. But Montgomery is a feisty baller’s baller who takes a whole lot of pops and keeps on going. There won’t be too many big runs, but he’ll crank up enough midrange ones to keep an offense moving, he’ll block, he’ll catch, and he’ll bring an attitude.

What The NFL Types Want To See: A deep crush prospect among the scouting circuit, teams are going to look for any reason to take him in the top 50. Montgomery’s 40 time and short drills can’t give those same teams a reason to move him into the mid-round category.

Bottom Line: There’s a problem when everyone will likely see him as a mid-round steal. The tools might not be quite there to jump off the page, but he’s a talented runner who knows what he’s doing and should produce at a steady level to become someone’s fixture – say, at Tampa Bay. Draft him, put him out there, and don’t worry.

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