Running Back Rankings Going Into The 2019 NFL Combine

Running Back Rankings Going Into The 2019 NFL Combine

2019 NFL Draft

Running Back Rankings Going Into The 2019 NFL Combine


2. Josh Jacobs, Alabama (1)

Career Statistics: 251 carries for 1,491 yards (5.9 ypc), 15 TDs. 48 catches for 571 yards, 5 TDs

Why Josh Jacobs Is Here On The List: 251 carries. Now, there’s a school of thought that might question why a back with top five overall draft pick skills and talent only carried the ball sparingly under Nick Saban – even with all the stars in the backfield. The better way to look at him is as an elite talent with a whole lot of hits left to take before he wears down.

Angry, powerful, and with a big-time attitude whenever he got his chance to make something happen, he was able to deliver a big pop while also showing that little extra burst to crank out yards in chunks. And he can catch the ball, too.

What The NFL Types Want To See: Does he have the tools to be that much better than everyone else? He might look the part, and he might have all the upside in the world, but he’s also a leap of faith that he can stay healthy and handle a full workload. He has to be so quick and look the part so much that he’s going to be worth the top ten overall pick.

Bottom Line: There’s something that just doesn’t seem quite right. Yeah, he was great when he got his chances, but that’s because he was always fresh. Saban knows his running backs, and he always keeps the stars fed. Derrick Henry got 395 carries in 2015. TJ Yeldon was a workhorse. Eddie Lacy had over 200 carries as a junior a year after Trent Richardson got the ball 283 times. Mark Ingram won the Heisman with 271 carries. On talent, Jacobs is the No. 1 running back in the draft, but … be careful.

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