Running Back Rankings Going Into The 2019 NFL Combine

Running Back Rankings Going Into The 2019 NFL Combine

2019 NFL Draft

Running Back Rankings Going Into The 2019 NFL Combine


Rankings and quick lookaheads of all the running back prospects invited to the 2019 NFL Combine.

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2019 NFL Running Back Combine Workout: Friday, March 1

Here we go with the 2019 NFL Combine, with all the breakdowns and analysis of every positive and negative for all of the top prospects. This isn’t that hard. Just simplify it – who can play football well enough to make an impact at the next level?

The bigger breakdowns will come before the NFL Draft, but for now – again, from the college perspective – here are the pre-combine rankings for all of the running backs invited to the big workout.

Before getting into the top five breakdown, here’s a ranking of the best of the rest.

2019 Pre-NFL Combine Running Back Best of the Rest Rankings

Number in parentheses is the projected round drafted pre-NFL Combine.

(FB) Alec Ingold, Wisconsin 6-0, 246 (5)
A thumper who will destroy his man for a power running game, and could find a role as a sure-thing goal line back. Oh yes, there will be a place for him in the league.

27. Jordan Scarlett, Florida 5-10, 213 (7 FA)
He’ll have to find a role as a special teamer early on, and he has to come up with something he can do at a high level – like be a tough short-yardage, goal line runner. 

26. Tony Pollard, Memphis 6-0, 208 (7 FA)
It’s going to be all about his worth as a kick returner and third down specialist. He could surprise as a late round find who could work in a rotation. 

25. Alex Barnes, Kansas State 6-0, 225 (7 FA)
The pop, power and production are there, but there isn’t anything good enough about his style to make him stand out from the pack. He’s got to show quickness and speed in Indy.

24. James Williams, Washington State 5-11, 195 (7 FA)
There’s little size and he can’t be an every down back, but he’s got the quickness and hands to find a job as a No. 3 option who could be good for a few touches a game. 

23. Travis Homer, Miami 5-11, 195 (5)
His blocking ability could find him a job. He’s not a special runner, and he’s not all that big, but he HAS to hang on to the ball. He’ll become a strong special teamer. 

22, Qadree Ollison, Pitt 6-1, 232 (7 FA)
A really, really interesting prospect, he’s got just enough to get an honest shot to see if he can run with a bit more pop to go along with his surprising speed. The combination of tools are intriguing, but they all have to come together. 

21. Alexander Mattison, Boise State 5-11, 210 (6)
There’s not the flash or the explosiveness some might like for a prospect of his skills, but he might just rock the workouts. He’s tough as nails and will block as a strong backup behind good No. 1 guy – he’d work with the Giants.

20. Karan Higdon, Michigan 5-9, 207 (5)
The size isn’t there to provide any power, but he’s a good, patient back who’s dependable to carry the load and not screw up. He’s not a must-have back, though – he’s not going to be a next-level game changer. 

19. Nick Brossette, LSU 6-0, 221 (7 FA)
There’s not anything flashy about his game, but he’ll be drafted late and will hang around the league for a long time. The scouts will need to see if he has any speed. 

18. Mike Weber, Ohio State 5-10, 212 (6)
He’s a guy. Yeah, he could grow into a productive back in a rotation, but does he have the explosion to do anything special? It doesn’t matter – he’ll have enough good games to be worth the pick, but he won’t carry an offense.

17. Jalin Moore, Appalachian State 5-10, 211 (6)
Is everything back and okay after getting hit with an ankle injury? He doesn’t do anything special, but he does it all with enough toughness to always produce. If he’s healthy, some coach will fall in love with him.

16. Ryquell Armstead, Temple 5-11, 215 (4)
Can he stay healthy? There’s a lot of tread left on the tires, but he’ll have a short shelf life considering his running style. He’ll be a change-of-pace back  who’ll be a burst of energy whenever he gets his chance.

15. Myles Gaskin, Washington 5-9, 190 (6)
Fast and tough for his size, he could find a role as a return man and a third down back with a little bit of work. He’ll never be a No. 1 back, but with a few tweaks he could become a James White type. 

14. Benny Snell, Kentucky 5-11, 225 (5)
He’ll do whatever is asked of him, will take a beating and will keep on producing. The numbers might not show it, but he carried Kentucky at times during its great season, and he’s amazing at finding ways to get into the end zone. However, the next-level tools just aren’t there.

13. Justice Hill, Oklahoma State 5-10, 185 (4)
Watch out for him to potentially rise above the pack if he comes up with a terrific workout. He’s built like a slot receiver, but he’s the type of back who just keeps on producing. Forget about him as a lead back, but he’ll shine as a No. 2 guy.

12. Miles Sanders, Penn State 5-11, 215 (3)
The boom could be enormous. No, he’s not Saquon Barkley, and yes, he has to be able to hang on to the ball, but the skill set is there to do a little bit of everything right. He didn’t get enough work to quite find his groove as a star for the Nittany Lions, but he’s one great workout run away from getting a whole lot of attention. 

11. Rodney Anderson, Oklahoma 6-1, 220 (3)
It’s all about his health. If he can get a little injury luck – something he didn’t have at Oklahoma – he’s a lead, No. 1 back who could turn into a hard-nosed star.

10. LJ Scott, Michigan State 6-1, 225 (4)
Get ready for him to be among the most interesting running back calls after the first round. If he can get his ankle healthy, he could grow into a workhorse who turns into a surprising top 15 rushing leader.

9. Dexter Williams, Notre Dame 5-11, 215 (3)
While he might not time all that well, whatever. He turned into a home-run hitter for the Irish when he got a little room to move and take off. There are a whole lot of carries left in him, and he hasn’t yet had to bring the power. The NFL talent is there to grow into a great value pick.

8. Elijah Holyfield, Georgia 5-11, 215 (4)
There’s a terrific combination of skills and tools to work with here. The quickness and power are terrific, he didn’t get a whole lot of work with the Bulldogs, and he has true No. 1 back traits that haven’t quite been able to blow up. He’ll get beaten up with his style, but with a little more season, he should be a devastating part of a rotation.

7. Bryce Love, Stanford 5-10, 196 (4)
It’s been lost at just how good he was when healthy. Yeah, that’s a problem considering he hasn’t been in one piece over the last season and a half, but there’s a shot he becomes a stunning steal if and when he’s 100%. 

6. Trayveon Williams, Texas A&M 5-9, 200 (5)
Get ready for him to fall down the draft charts because of his size, but he’s a pinball runner who might just turn into a starter who just keeps on producing. He’ll block, he’ll catch, and he’ll be a workhorse. 

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