Oklahoma Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Lincoln Riley's Really, Really Fun Class

Oklahoma Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Lincoln Riley's Really, Really Fun Class


Oklahoma Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Lincoln Riley's Really, Really Fun Class


Everything you need to know and what actually matters about the 2019 Oklahoma Sooners recruiting class. 

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Lincoln Riley is one of the hottest head coaches in all of football, and he’s still in Norman and not heading up the Dallas Cowboys. A machine now, Oklahoma is a given in the Big 12 Championship, on the short list of teams to get into the College Football Playoff, and plays a fun style of football that’s a weekly thrill ride. Throw in having the last two Heisman winners, and landing Jalen Hurts as a grad transfer, and it’s all an attractive package for any recruit.

It’s right there with any recruiting class this season. A few SEC teams – Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M – might have done a bit more, and Texas is doing a great job under Tom Herman, but the Sooners are right there. There’s no slip when it came to getting the types of stars who can keep the O rolling.

Of course the offense is going to work no matter what – that’s not the issue. This is a national championship team if there’s a lick of D to go along with that O, and Riley is making a push, especially when it comes to pass rushers. Five defensive ends were signed – led by Marcus Hicks and Joseph Wete – in a strength-in-numbers haul.

However, the defensive tackles have to come in next year’s class. The 2018 class was relatively light for the interior, and Derek Green – a nice prospect, but not Tommie Harris – was the lone get this year.

Only four defensive backs were signed, but they’re all outstanding prospects. Woodi Washington is an elite corner who got away from Alabama, Florida, Ohio State and Texas A&M, but the entire group is an upgrade. When it comes to the Sooners and their offense, all the D needs to do is hold serve from time to time, and these DBs are good enough to do that.

Get ready for Spencer Rattler as the next great Sooner quarterback. If everything goes according to plan, Oklahoma goes from Baker Mayfield, to Kyler Murray, to Jalen Hurts, to Rattler, who gets in a few games of work but keeps his redshirt. However, if Hurts isn’t Heisman-awesome, Rattler is just good enough a prospect to get the fans wanting to see what he can do. He’s built for this O.

There are plenty of good parts to this class, but the receiving corps is the far-and-away star position. Each of the three signings would be a No. 1 get for just about everyone else.

Trejan Bridges blew off Alabama and Wisconsin early on to be a Sooner. Theo Wease is a 6-3, NFL-prototype who also said no to Bama, as well as Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan, and everyone else. Those two are great, but Jadon Haselwood is at a whole other level. Georgia had its home state guy, Oklahoma flipped him, and he’s it … he’s the superstar or superstar receiver prospects.

More than anything else, this class is … fun. There’s SO much pressure at the top SEC schools to battle in the arms race just to stay alive, but in the Big 12, a class like this means the Sooners are automatically going to be better than eight of the league’s other teams. There’s NFL talent, explosion, speed, and exciting players to keep it all humming.


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