North Carolina Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Mack Isn't Back Quite Yet

North Carolina Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Mack Isn't Back Quite Yet

North Carolina

North Carolina Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Mack Isn't Back Quite Yet


Everything you need to know and what actually matters about the 2019 North Carolina Tar Heels recruiting class. 

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Give him a year or so. Mack Brown’s gift has always been to get the recruits to sign on. He was brilliant and bringing in NFL talent at Texas, and the much younger version was able to load up North Carolina in the first time around with the program. This year’s class isn’t up to his normal snuff … wait until he gets a full year to show what he can do. However …

He got Sam Howell. Not only did he land one of the nation’s best quarterback prospects, but he took him away from Florida State. No, he’s not Baker Mayfield, but in terms of size and looks, there are similarities. At the very least, he weakened a fellow ACC team and upgraded the position.

If Howell isn’t the star of the class, it’s Khafre Brown. The 6-1, 170-pound receiver is a quick target who chose UNC over Alabama and Florida State. It’s not a huge class at receiver, but he’s a good one. If he’s not the star …

It might be Josh Henderson. The New Jersey native was given the full court press by Boston College and Minnesota – he would’ve been a statistical star at either place – but he’ll be the main man for the UNC offense in a year or so.

This year’s class is fine. It’s not anything that’s going to scare Clemson or Florida State, but throw it into the same bucket as a slew of other midrange ACC classes and it should end up being ranked anywhere between 5th and 9th.

The last two classes have gone big at defensive back. Larry Fedora tried load up the secondary last year, and Brown’s first recruiting season kept the emphasis on stopping the pass. There aren’t any star prospects – Giovanni Biggers is close – but there’s strength in numbers.

Freeman Jones is done after hitting 18-of-28 field goals last year, and the Tar Heels need a kicker. Noah Ruggles made a few extra points last season, but new recruit Ben Kiernan will get every look at the gig.

Here’s the positive. For all of Larry Fedora’s issues, he was able to recruit reasonably well as the team went really, really young over the last few seasons. The depth and experience is piling up, but next year, Brown needs to land a few superstars to go along with what’s in place.


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