Maryland Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Just Wait Until 2020

Maryland Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Just Wait Until 2020


Maryland Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Just Wait Until 2020


Everything you need to know and what actually matters about the 2019 Maryland Terrapin recruiting class. 

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For all of the problems and issues under DJ Durkin, the guy could recruit.  He put together top 25-caliber classes over the previous two years, and for obvious reasons, this year’s recruiting season was tough. But expect that to change in a big way.

Mike Locksley might have had a disastrous run as the New Mexico head coach, but he has revived his career, and now he’s in the right place. What has been his biggest strength? Recruiting the Baltimore-Washington DC area, and now he’s about to go to work. This class might be lacking, but watch out for what’s coming in 2020. The man knows how to bring in the talent.

Locksley went to work before National Signing Day, bringing in nine players after the early period to show a glimpse of what he can do. The big shining get was Lance Legendre, a big all-around quarterback out of New Orleans who Locksley was on at Alabama, and landed him in College Park. In the rebuild, he’ll be deep in the mix to jumpstart the passing game.

The key to future classes will be owning Maryland and around Virginia. This year, six players were signed on from in-state, but there’s no one from Virginia after Durkin got four prospects last year. Locksley only got one player from DC – that’s going to change.

There are a few stars in this class, but overall, it’s small. Just 17 players were signed on, but there’s stuff for the lines. Only three offensive linemen were recruited, but Mason Lunsford is a solid looking tackle who might just be one of the sleepers.

There’s one wide receiver coming in, but he’s fantastic. Isaiah Hazel is a No. 1 target who was going to West Virginia, but got flipped when Locksley – who made a push when he was at Alabama – took over. The two tight ends signed are just okay prospects, but at least they’re options.

The linebacking corps was ignored. Four were signed on last season, but just one came in this year. Kameron Blunt is a local product with big upside, but he needs to pack on the pounds a bit. Linebacker has to be a big deal in next year’s class.

Running backs will be the biggest get next year. There weren’t any signed on in the 2018 class, and none were brought in this year, either. Overall, it’s a light class for the skill spots, but expect at least three to be part of the 2020 haul with the openings there for a star or two.

Locksley was in the mix to try to get Jalen Hurts to sign as a grad transfer. That was never going to happen, and there was obviously a tie-in after working together at Alabama, but that’s how big the recruiting bar is going to be set. Locksley will set the expectation at getting everyone and everyone considering his relationships. But for now, this is just a treading water class.

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