Kansas State Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Klieman Prepares For Shootouts

Kansas State Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Klieman Prepares For Shootouts

Kansas State

Kansas State Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Klieman Prepares For Shootouts


Everything you need to know and what actually matters about the 2019 Kansas State Wildcats recruiting class. 

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New head man Chris Klieman had absolutely no time to work. It’s going to take at least a year to change up how the program has been recruiting, with the new staff looking to get a bit away from the recruit-to-a-type prospects. From here on, expect even more explosive young players who can get the O moving.

It’s probably going to be the lowest-ranked of the Big 12 classes, and it’ll be among the lowest among the Power Five programs. Again, there was little to no time to put too much together in the transition, and there aren’t enough bodies.

JUCO transfer PK Ty Zentner might be the most prominent recruit right out of the gate. Blake Lynch was terrific last season, hitting 14-of-16 field goals in his nine games or work.

With all of the success at North Dakota State, Klieman’s selling point to quarterbacks isn’t much of a problem. If this all works as planned, the stats will be there as Kansas State gets more and more into the Big 12 shootout world. There are already passers in place, but Chris Herron out of Houston fits the system.

Klieman’s best get came on National Signing Day, landing 6-3, 300-pound Matthew Pola-Mao for the defensive interior. The Arizona native was wanted by ASU and UofA, but he has anchor potential for the near future of the Wildcat line.

Running backs, running backs, running backs. Apparently, the new coaching staff wants more options with Alex Barnes leaving, because four were signed on, starting with 230-pound thumper Jax Dineen out of Lawrence, and with Thomas Grayson a quick option out of Oklahoma. Expect a few of them to move around – Dineen is built like a linebacker – but it’s the key position.

Next year, the offensive linemen have to come. Last year’s class wasn’t big on blockers, and there were only two coming in this group. Neither one – Trevor Stange out of Texas and Taylor Poitier from nearby – will be ready for a few years. Both of them need to add bulk.

Klieman needs to find pass rushers, too. It was one of the stronger parts of the 2018 class, but only one was signed this year. It’s a deep position this season, and it’s not a glaring need, but the shelves will have to be restocked.

Don’t worry about this class. If a few players help provide decent depth, and if one or two prospects end up becoming difference-makers, that’s good enough. Klieman is a fantastic head coach and a great get for the program. Give him a while to work.

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