Kansas Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Les Miles Goes To Work

Kansas Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Les Miles Goes To Work


Kansas Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Les Miles Goes To Work


Everything you need to know and what actually matters about the 2019 Kansas Jayhawks recruiting class. 

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Les Miles didn’t have any time to work. The other part of this was the past under David Beaty, with recruiting classes that relied on a whole lot of quick fixes from the JUCO ranks. It’s going to take a while to build up the recruiting world under one of the best salesmen in the business.

Kansas will have one of the Big 12’s worst recruiting classes, but again, there was almost no time for Miles to work. Worse yet, Beaty was pretty much a gone-coach-walking last year – the prospects just had no interest. But …

Give it a season. Watch out for what Miles is able to do once he has a full year to operate. He’s going to find a niche, and it’s going to start by improving the overall speed and athleticism. But for now, the JUCO transfers are going to have to make the biggest difference.

Kansas just needs players. Thomas MacVittie is a 6-5, 225-pound pro-passing quarterback out of Mesa Community College. The gig is hardly guaranteed to be his, but at least there’s a big-armed option to play around with.

Miles got his first big-time guy in Steven Parker – sort of. The defensive end out of Texas was wanted by a slew of mid-level Big Ten programs, and Texas Tech and TCU were interested. For a defense that needs to keep the pass rushing production going, once Parker gains ten pounds or so, he’s the disruptive force.

More than anything else, Miles went after versatility. There are a bunch of prospects who can move, and don’t necessarily have a set home. Expect most of them to end up at defensive back in the pass-happy Big 12, but the Jayhawks are going to be faster.

Next year, Kansas has to load up at running back. Some of the “athletes” who signed on could end up seeing time in the backfield. Beaty signed Anthony Williams last year, but there weren’t any coming in with this class. There’s a deep group in place, but Miles was known for his backs at LSU – he’ll get an upgrade soon.

What needs to change right away and what needs more help? Defensive tackle. The Jayhawks need a few killers in the interior, and 345-pound Da’Jon Terry should eventually be that. 6-4, 285-pound JUCO transfer Caleb Sampson has to be a big piece of the line that loses Daniel Wise and JJ Holmes.

It’s a smallish class, and there aren’t any true, sure-thing stars. That’s a bad mix, but that’s been Kansas over the last few years. Again, it’ll be about patience. The Jayhawks have an elite head coaching talent with a national title ring. Expect a huge 2020 class.


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