Iowa Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Exactly What You'd Expect

Iowa Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Exactly What You'd Expect


Iowa Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: Exactly What You'd Expect


Everything you need to know and what actually matters about the 2019 Iowa Hawkeye recruiting class. 

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What, you were expecting something different? Kirk Ferentz comes up with the same recruiting class every year. There’s a little bit of star power up top with one or two stunning gets, the holes are filled without too much effort, and there’s a whole lot of rock solid happening across the board.

Iowa and Illinois are still the base – ten players from the two states were signed on – but the Hawkeyes hit Florida for a few players, including future leading tackler Yahweh Jeudy at one linebacker spot. He was going to Kansas State, and Ferentz flipped him.

The best prospect of the bunch is from Ohio. Jeudy is a terrific prospect, but he’ll need time to beef up. Justin Jacobs is right there, too. He’s a 6-4, 210-pounder wanted by the top Big Ten schools, but he’s the athlete with the upside to be a killer hybrid pass rusher with 20 pounds of good weight.

So after getting a dominant year from the tight ends, what did Iowa do? It got more of them. Noah Fant was a decent recruit, but he needed to add some weight. TJ Hockenson wasn’t much of a prospect, but he had the size. Both were amazing from the 2016 class, and now Iowa has three new tight end prospects coming in.

Logan Lee is the best of the bunch – he’s a ready 6-5, 240, somehow getting away from Michigan and Wisconsin to become a Hawkeye. He’s a matchup nightmare as a receiver, but Josiah Miamen and Sam LaPorta are fit-a-type tight end prospects, too.

Nate Stanley wan’t that great a prospect, either, and he turned out okay. Spencer Petras was a good get in last year’s class, and Alex Padilla is coming in to give it a spin from this year’s group. He’s not all that big, but he’s accurate enough for Georgia to be interested, and the Ivy Leaguers wanted him.

It would be nice to get more bodies for the defensive interior. The Hawkeyes went a bit heavy at the position last year, but they only brought on one – Jalen Hunt out of Michigan – this season. Next year’s class needs a few 300-pounders.

There’s little to no waste in this class. Again, it’s Iowa, so there aren’t any fliers with a whole slew of solid prospects. The class was in place in the early signing period, with the few ones brought in on National Signing Day to throw on to the pile. Iowa has a bit of a machine at this, it knows what it is and what it can get, and it doesn’t mess around.

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