CFN SEC Future Win Total Lines: 2019 Spring Projections

CFN SEC Future Win Total Lines: 2019 Spring Projections


CFN SEC Future Win Total Lines: 2019 Spring Projections


Before spring football kicks in, how do the win totals look for all of the SEC teams? Here’s where the bar should be set … for now.

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Just how good are all of the SEC teams? There are still plenty of injuries, suspensions, and depth chart changes to come over the next several months – and spring football still has to kick in – but here’s the first look.

Based off of the schedules, timing of the big games, and the talent coming back, here’s around where the win total futures should be set.

The win total line projections are based on the regular season – bowl games or conference championships don’t count. And remember, this is a cold business. The investment market will set the line as the offseason goes on.

SEC East

Florida Gators

It might take a little while for the offensive line to come together … welcome to the opener against the Miami defensive front. The rest of the team should be ready to rock right out of the gate. The skill players are there, and the defense will be outstanding again.

Along with dealing with the Hurricanes, the Gators have to play Kentucky, LSU, South Carolina, Georgia and Missouri away from the Swamp. They’ll be good enough to win any and all of those, but assume two losses in the bunch. Throw in home dates against Auburn, Tennessee and Florida State, and getting to ten wins will be a fight.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 9.5
2018 Record: 10-3
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

Georgia Bulldogs

Once again, Georgia should crank up one of the four best teams in college football. The offensive line will be strong enough to make the great group of skill guys go, and the defense has the experience to be a killer.

But can the Dawgs get to 11 regular season wins like they did in each of the last two years? There are landmines with Notre Dame, South Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky and Texas A&M all in Athens, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Going to Tennessee and Auburn, and deal with Florida, is the concern. There will be a loss … will there be two?

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 10.5
2018 Record: 11-3
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky will still be strong, but the East should be better, and RB Benny Snell and LB Josh Allen are gone. The secondary has to undergo an overhaul, but the lines should be solid. Having QB Terry Wilson back is a big help.

Florida and Tennessee have to come to Lexington, but the Georgia, South Carolina and Mississippi State games are on the road. Can UK win four of those five, and not lose to Missouri or slip at Vanderbilt?

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 8.5
2018 Record: 10-3
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

Missouri Tigers

Start with Kelly Bryant taking over at quarterback, and there’s a whole lot to like. The receiving corps is solid, and the secondary is excellent, but the defensive interior needs work and the offensive front could use a boost.

The schedule is built for a strong year, with West Virginia and South Carolina having to come to Columbia early on, getting Florida and Tennessee at home late, and with winnable road dates against Vanderbilt, Kentucky and Arkansas to offset the almost-certain loss at Georgia.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 8.5
2018 Record: 8-5
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

South Carolina Gamecocks

You’ve heard this before, but South Carolina has the pieces to be dangerous. QB Jake Bentley has plenty of talent to work with, but the O line needs a little tweaking. The defensive side is great up front, but has a whole lot of work to do in the secondary.

USC might be better, but … Alabama, at Missouri, at Georgia, Florida, at Tennessee, at Texas A&M, Clemson. Can the Gamecocks be good enough to win at least four of those, and not trip up against a Kentucky, North Carolina, or Appalachian State? The projected win total will be among the bigger investment question marks of the offseason.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 7.5
2018 Record: 7-6
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

Tennessee Volunteers

How much better will the Vols be in Jeremy Pruitt’s second year? The receiving corps is loaded, the offensive front is full of veterans, and the defensive back seven should be good. The defensive front, though, needs some retooling.

Going on the road to Florida, Alabama, Kentucky and Missouri won’t be easy, and hosting Georgia, Mississippi State and South Carolina is a problem, but overall, the schedule is more than good enough – with around five sure-thing wins – to come up with a winning record.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 7
2018 Record: 5-7
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

Vanderbilt Commodores

After a good season that finished up with a bowl appearance, can the Commodores do it again? The receivers are in place, but the offensive line loses three starters and the quarterback situation has to be settled. Eight starters are gone off the defense, but …

The schedule isn’t that horrible. It’ll be rough early on, but with home games against Northern Illinois, UNLV and East Tennessee State, there’s a base of likely three wins. It’ll take a few upsets – like at home against Missouri and Kentucky – to get to six wins.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 5.5
2018 Record: 6-7
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis



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