CFN Pac-12 Future Win Total Lines: 2019 Spring Projections

CFN Pac-12 Future Win Total Lines: 2019 Spring Projections


CFN Pac-12 Future Win Total Lines: 2019 Spring Projections


As spring football kicks in, how do the win totals look for all of the Pac-12 teams? Here’s where the bar should be set … for now.

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Just how good are all of the Pac-12 teams? There are still plenty of injuries, suspensions, and depth chart changes to come over the next several months – and spring football still has to kick in – but here’s the first look.

Based off of the schedules, timing of the big games, and the talent coming back, here’s around where the win total futures should be set.

The win total line projections are based on the regular season – bowl games or conference championships don’t count. And remember, this is a cold business. The investment market will set the line as the offseason goes on.

Pac-12 North

California Golden Bears

The offense has plenty of experience, but it has to find more production and more playmakers. It’ll have to find something that works, but the defense that was so good last season should help with eight starters returning.

The schedule is just okay enough to get back to six wins, but there can’t be any mistakes against UC Davis, North Texas and Oregon State, and the Bears have to be on the right side of all of the 50/50 games.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 6.-5
2018 Record: 7-6
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

Oregon Ducks

The Ducks return absolutely loaded, with QB Justin Herbert back along with nine other offensive starters. The attack will be even more deadly, and the defense gets back eight starters and has even more talent coming in.

There isn’t a game on the slate the Ducks can’t win, but they have to go to Arlington to deal with Auburn, and they have to go to Stanford, Washington, USC and Arizona State. They’re not going to be good enough to win all of those, but they have to win at least three.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 9.5
2018 Record: 9-4
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

Oregon State Beavers

Who are the Beavers going to beat? They have to get by Cal Poly, and they have to avoid a potential disaster against what will be a jacked up Hawaii team in Honolulu. There isn’t another game on the slate they’ll be favored in. Even so, there should be at least one upset to push for at least four wins.

The O line needs a few new parts, but the skill guys are there. The other side gets eight starters back, but will the D be any better? It has to be right stronger right out of the gate.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 3.5
2018 Record: 2-10
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

Stanford Cardinal

The Cardinal might be a lot better, but good luck with the first four games against Northwestern, at USC, at UCF and Oregon. However, the Ducks are coming to Palo Alto, and so is Washington, and so is Notre Dame.

Can the team get close to double-digit wins with such a tough slate? Yeah, if the offensive line rises up and restocks the shelf right away, and if six starters can quickly be replaced on defense.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 8
2018 Record: 9-4
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

Washington Huskies

The defending Pac-12 champ isn’t going to be strong enough to get to the College Football Playoff, but it can win the conference title again, with eight starters back and good options to take over in the backfield. The defense loses six starters, but the Huskies reload instead of rebuild.

Getting to double-digit wins isn’t a given, but it’s a very, very light road slate – all things considered – going to BYU, Stanford, Arizona, Oregon State and Colorado. The Dawgs are good enough to win at least four of those, and everything else is in Seattle, including showdowns against Oregon, USC, Utah and Washington State.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 9
2018 Record: 10-4
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

Washington State Cougars

Underestimate the Cougars at your own peril. They might not be quite as good, but the receivers are all there, four starters are back on the offensive front, and Gage Gubrud is a great transfer quarterback from Eastern Washington. However, six starters are gone on defense.

The schedule isn’t awful, but the Oregon, Cal, Arizona State, Utah and Washington games are on the road. They can lose those three or those five, and be favored in every other game except for the date with Stanford.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 8
2018 Record: 11-2
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

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