CFN Independents Future Win Total Lines: 2019 Spring Projections

CFN Independents Future Win Total Lines: 2019 Spring Projections


CFN Independents Future Win Total Lines: 2019 Spring Projections


Before spring football kicks in, how do the win totals look for all of the Independent teams? Here’s where the bar should be set … for now.

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Just how good are all of the Independent teams? There are still plenty of injuries, suspensions, and depth chart changes to come over the next several months – and spring football still has to kick in – but here’s the first look.

Based off of the schedules, timing of the big games, and the talent coming back, here’s around where the win total futures should be set.

The win total line projections are based on the regular season – bowl games or conference championships don’t count. And remember, this is a cold business. The investment market will set the line as the offseason goes on.

Army Black Knights

Can Army really stay at the high level it’s been at over the last few years? The defense has to replace a slew of key parts of the front seven, and the offensive line could use a little work, but the machine has the parts overall to keep going.

Unless the Black Knights come up with something amazing, they’ll lose at Michigan, and they’ll drop a second game they probably shouldn’t. So where is that sure-thing other loss? At Hawaii? At Georgia State? At Air Force? Navy? Army will be the favorite against everyone but the Wolverines.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 9.5
2018 Record: 11-2
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BYU Cougars

The Cougars have a whole lot of things to get excited about. QB Zach Wilson  looks like a burgeoning star, he has his top receivers to work with, almost everyone is back on the line, and the entire defensive front returns.

However, the schedule appears to be a problem. There isn’t a sure-thing win until November 9th when Liberty comes to Provo, however, throw in almost-certain wins over Idaho State and UMass, and getting at least three more wins shouldn’t be that big an issue. Getting that seventh win will be hard with USC, Washington, Boise State, Utah, and road games at Tennessee, USF, Toledo, Utah State and San Diego State all on the slate.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 6.5
2018 Record: 7-6
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Liberty Flames

Hugh Freeze has an interesting team with a whole lot of experience and upside, but it’ll be tough to get to the six win mark of last year. The quarterback situation is solid, the skill guys are there, and the defense is loaded with veterans.

The schedule, though, will be sneaky-tough. Once again, there are two games against New Mexico State, and there should be wins over Maine and Hampton. Even so, it’s going to be a fight to get to six wins again with four almost certain losses against Syracuse, Rutgers, BYU and Virginia baked in.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 5.5
2018 Record: 6-6
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Massachusetts Minutemen

The defense can’t and won’t be any worse – almost everyone is back up front and the back seven isn’t bad, but the first year under head man Walt Bell will be about keeping the O going with a new starting quarterback and without WR Andy Isabella.

The schedule doesn’t have enough layups. Coastal Carolina should be a whole win, and the Minutemen could beat Akron, Liberty, and have the potential to sneak out an extra win or two. But every game will be a battle.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 4
2018 Record: 4-8
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New Mexico State Aggies

The experience is there among the offensive weapons to get back to 2017 levels of production – when the Aggies went bowling, and won – and while the defense won’t be anything amazing, the line has upside.

There are way too many paycheck game losses – Washington State, Alabama, San Diego State, Fresno State, Ole Miss. Going on the road to face New Mexico, Central Michigan, Georgia Southern, and Liberty – the Aggies play the Flames twice – will make it a fight to do too much more than last year.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 3.5
2018 Record: 3-9
Schedule Breakdown & Analysis

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The Irish will still be terrific. They have the offensive line, the playmakers to keep the attack dangerous, and with a good enough secondary and pass rush to build around. No, the team isn’t as good as it was last season, and yes, the schedule will be harder.

USC will be better. Stanford will be better. Virginia Tech will be better. With road games at Georgia and Michigan, Notre Dame can be amazing again and still have two sure losses. Throw in the away date at Stanford, and the dangerous home dates against Virginia and Boston College, and getting to double-digit wins again won’t be a given.

CFN Early Spring Win Total Line Projection: 9.5
2018 Record: 12-1
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