Arizona Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: When Will Kevin Sumlin Kick It In?

Arizona Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: When Will Kevin Sumlin Kick It In?


Arizona Recruiting 2019 Final Thoughts: When Will Kevin Sumlin Kick It In?


Everything you need to know and what actually matters about the 2019 Arizona Wildcat recruiting class. 

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Where are the great prospects? Kevin Sumlin was able to recruit at Texas A&M at a high level, but this is a dreaded “recruit to a type” class. It’s about the same level of a class as last year’s one in the transition – it needed to be a bit stronger.

Here’s the problem. Recruiting players who fit what the coaching staff needs is fine, but it’s better to recruit the prospects to do that who are also wanted and loved by other big schools. Arizona’s class is at the Oregon State/Washington State level, and not up in the USC/Washington range.

However, Sumlin still has great ties to Texas. He recruited eight Texans including four from the Houston areas. WR Jalen Curry is the top prospect from the area.

The defensive tackles are on the way. After not doing much for the defensive interior last season, three are coming in, starting around 320-pound Myles Tapusoa from the JUCO ranks. The Cats stole him away from Houston, and he should make an instant impact.

Next year has to be about the pass rushers. Only one true end was signed in 2018, and none were brought on this year.

There wasn’t much happening for the linebacking corps, either. Sumlin has signed just three in his first two years, with Kwabena Watson the best one  – once he beefs up a bit – coming in with this class.

With Josh Pollack gone after hitting 13-of-16 field goals, and with Lucas Havrisik only connecting on 6-of-11 attempts – and 22-of-24 extra points – meaning new recruit Kyle Ostendorp should play a role early on.

The Wildcats have quarterbacks. Khalil Tate is still around, and last year’s recruits Jamarye Joiner and Kevin Doyle are still in the mix. In all, seven are currently on the roster, and now comes Grant Gunnel, a 6-6 pure passer who was going to Texas A&M before Sumlin got him to flip. He wasn’t necessarily considered a big-time prospect, but all of the big programs wanted him with his size and arm.

Trust in Sumlin and his staff – they apparently know what they wanted, and got it. Everyone will like the Arizona State class a bit more, but if the offense can start to explode over the next few seasons, the hype over the prospects won’t matter.


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