5 Most Important Takeaways From The 2019 Recruiting Season

5 Most Important Takeaways From The 2019 Recruiting Season

2019 Recruiting

5 Most Important Takeaways From The 2019 Recruiting Season


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1. It’s a whole new world for recruiting … and it’s a good thing

This all started last season with the early signing period that turned into the new National Signing Day.

Some thought the programs would ease into the system and wouldn’t load up on talent early, but … nope. As it turned out, get your guys, or be left out, and no one wanted to be without a chair when the music slowed down in the first week of February.

There were a few big guys who were taken here and there on the normal National Signing Day, and there were a couple of big flips, but late December matters more now.

Even more than that, this was the first year when the transfer portal became a part of the puzzle. The buzz around where a high school prospect will go still matters to the fetish industry, but on a national scale, where Jalen Hurts and Tate Martell were going to land became a far bigger deal.

Going forward, coming up with great classes of unproven talents still matters. But now, the energy and efforts into filling that one big hole – or several if you’re Miami – on the transfer market is almost as big a deal.

Even bigger than that, the early signing period is making the recruiting world even larger in a way, considering the recruits are being signed before the coaching carousel kicks in, and before the big bowls go off.

Clemson wasn’t able to fully capitalize on its national title, and – for example – Miami new recruits were locked in despite the loss of Mark Richt.

Recruiting is going national, and it’s being spread out more now. And it’s all fine.


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