5 Most Important Takeaways From The 2019 Recruiting Season

5 Most Important Takeaways From The 2019 Recruiting Season

2019 Recruiting

5 Most Important Takeaways From The 2019 Recruiting Season


3. Texas and Oklahoma just took things up a few notches

Texas and Oklahoma are always good at this recruiting thing. However, the disparity between these two and the rest of the Big 12 is becoming jarring.

Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan might dominate the Big Ten rankings every year, but Nebraska was in the mix this time around, and there are always a few classes hovering around the top 25, like Wisconsin’s and Michigan State’s.

Alabama and Georgia rule the SEC recruiting landscape at the moment, but LSU, Florida, and Texas A&M are in the same area code, and most of the league is fantastic at this – more on the SEC in a moment.

The Pac-12? It’s USC’s world in a normal year, but Oregon, Washington and Stanford are usually right there.

The ACC is the one league that has close to the same recruiting gap up top – with Florida State and Clemson owning the classes – but it’s worse in the Big 12.

It’s not just that Texas has emerged as a superstar again in the recruiting world under Tom Herman, or that Oklahoma continues to be amazing with the seamless transition from Bob Stoops to Lincoln Riley now well in the past. It’s that there’s no other program in the league that can consistently come remotely close to hanging with these two for talent.

Oklahoma State will have a class here and there, Baylor had a terrific recruiting season, and TCU’s was probably the third best in the conference this year. But it’s only a ten-team league, so when Kansas, Kansas State and Texas Tech are getting Group of Five-caliber classes, that’s a big percentage of the conference that’s not even close to landing the talent the two big guys are.


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