SEC 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter

SEC 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter


SEC 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter


1. Really … who has the hardest SEC schedule?

This should be a good, solid South Carolina team under head coach Will Muschamp, but …

Good luck with THIS.

The North Carolina game to start the season isn’t all that bad, but it’s in Charlotte, it starts out Mack Brown’s era, and the Tar Heels should be a wee bit improved. The non-conference game against Appalachian State in November could be a nightmare – the Mountaineers are going to be dangerous again – but the regular season finishes up at home.

Against Clemson.

The three teams from the West you don’t want to face this season? Alabama, LSU, and Texas A&M. The good news – there’s no LSU for USC to face. The bad – the SEC season starts out against Alabama, and closes up at Texas A&M.

Getting Florida at home helps, but going to Missouri is a problem, going to Tennessee is a problem, and going to Georgia is a big, BIG problem.

Texas A&M doesn’t have a walk in the park, either.

It gets a week off before facing South Carolina, but like the Gamecocks, there’s a date with Clemson on the schedule. The one big difference, though, is that in Death Valley.

The Aggies have to go to the other Death Valley to face LSU at the end of the season, and that comes after going to Georgia.

The Alabama, Mississippi State and Auburn games are at home, and at least the game against the Tide comes after a week off. But still, there are enough massive games to keep this from finally winning the SEC West.

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