SEC 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter

SEC 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter


SEC 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter


4. The SEC non-conference schedule is a wee bit … lacking

The SEC party line really is true.

The schedule is so tough that there’s no reason for the teams to kill themselves with a ton of nasty non-conference games. If you’re in the West, you obviously have to deal with Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M, etc. and the East teams get Florida, Georgia, and so on.

It’s a fair talking point.

The SEC also gets a horrible rap for its layup games late. Yes, on November 23, Alabama plays Western Carolina, Auburn plays Samford, Vanderbilt plays East Tennessee State and Kentucky gets UT Martin. Yes, on November 9th, Arkansas plays WKU, Ole Miss plays New Mexico State, and Texas A&M gets UTSA on November 2nd.

If all of those games were played On, say, September 7th, no one would say boo.

There’s also the ACC factor. For all of the cupcake games, a few SECers have their annual games against the ACC to deal with. Kentucky plays Louisville, South Carolina plays Clemson, Florida plays Florida State and Georgia plays Georgia Tech.

With all of that said, it would’ve been nice if the SEC had better non-conference games.

The league only plays eight conference games – unlike the Big 12, Pac-12 and Big Ten, who play nine. There have to be a few layups here and there, and there are a few good games to get fired up about.

Texas A&M going to Clemson is a fantastic matchup, and Notre Dame playing at Georgia will be fun.

LSU has to travel to Texas, Auburn and Oregon go at it in Dallas, and Florida   and Miami go at it in Orlando. But does Alabama-Duke move the needle?

West Virginia at Missouri is interesting, and South Carolina facing North Carolina in Charlotte isn’t without its charm, but there’s a whole lot of dead wood on the SEC schedules – looking at you, Arkansas. More on that in a moment.

2019 SEC Football Schedules
SEC Composite, Ranking Top Games
East Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Missouri
South Carolina | Tennessee | Vanderbilt
West Alabama | Arkansas | Auburn
LSU | Ole Miss | Miss State | Texas A&M

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