SEC 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter

SEC 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter


SEC 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter


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What five things matter the most about the 2019 SEC college football schedule? What do you need to know?

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2019 SEC Football Schedules
SEC Composite, Ranking Top Games
East Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Missouri
South Carolina | Tennessee | Vanderbilt
West Alabama | Arkansas | Auburn
LSU | Ole Miss | Miss State | Texas A&M

Here’s what matters and what you need to care about with the 2019 SEC football schedule, starting with …

5. The “permanent rival” and the other interdivisional games

With an eight-game conference schedule and a 14-team league, the SEC season partially comes down to who each team misses.

If you’re in the East, do you have to play Alabama or Arkansas? If you’re in the West, do you get Georgia or Vanderbilt? And where do you play them?

It’s the part of the SEC puzzle that’s not fair, but that’s the deal, starting with the permanent rivals – the annual interdivisional games that are fixtures on the respective slates.

When it comes to that, Tennessee has the unfortunate luck of getting Alabama every season.

LSU and Florida have created one of the nation’s best annual interdivisional battles, and Georgia vs. Auburn has been a thing since 1902. The other four permanent rivals are …

Arkansas vs. Missouri, Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt, Mississippi State vs. Kentucky, and Texas A&M vs. South Carolina.

In general, the schedule makers try to give a wee bit of a break to the teams that get the nastier East-West games, but not always – just ask Auburn, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. So what are the interdivisional games for each SEC team?

Florida – Auburn, at LSU
Georgia – at Auburn, Texas A&M
Kentucky – at Mississippi State, Arkansas
Missouri – Ole Miss, at Arkansas
South Carolina – Alabama, at Texas A&M
Tennessee – Mississippi State, at Alabama
Vanderbilt – LSU, at Ole Miss

Alabama – at South Carolina, Tennessee
Arkansas – at Kentucky, Missouri
Auburn – at Florida, Georgia
LSU – at Vanderbilt, Florida
Ole Miss – Vanderbilt, at Missouri
Mississippi State – Kentucky, at Tennessee
Texas A&M – South Carolina, at Georgia

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