Pac-12 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter

Pac-12 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter


Pac-12 2019 Football Schedule: 5 Things That Matter


2. Really … who has the easiest Pac-12 schedule?

UCLA and Chip Kelly have the schedule to turn this whole thing around fast.

No, playing Oklahoma isn’t fun, but at least that’s in the Rose Bowl.

If the Bruins really are better, they need to be able to take down Cincinnati on the road and San Diego State at home. Not to be elitist – okay, to be a little elitist – but if you’re a good Power Five program, you win those two against the Group of Fivers.

The bad. UCLA has to go to Washington State and Arizona for back-to-back road games after dealing with the Sooners. They also have to go to Stanford, but that’s after a week off. After September, they have that one game in Palo Alto, and another road game at Utah, and that comes after a week off, too. They don’t leave Los Angeles for six of the last eight weeks.

Best of all, the Bruins miss Oregon and Washington from the North.

Utah also has it relatively nice, starting out at BYU – YES, it’s as fierce a rivalry game as it gets, but if you’re the defending Pac-12 South champ, you win this – followed up by Northern Illinois and Idaho State. The Utes have to be 3-0 before going to USC – at least they get that out of the way early.

Going to Washington isn’t easy, but Utah misses Oregon and Stanford from the North. Best of all in interdivisional play, one of the Ute road games is at Oregon State.

After going to Seattle in the first week of November, there’s a week off, and then the last three games – UCLA, at Arizona, Colorado – are against teams that didn’t go bowling last season.

2019 Pac-12 Football Schedules
Pac-12 Composite, Ranking Top Games
North Cal | Oregon | Oregon State
Stanford | Washington | Washington State
South Arizona | Arizona State | Colorado
UCLA | USC | Utah

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