Missouri Banned From 2019-2020 Bowl Season: What It All Means

Missouri Banned From 2019-2020 Bowl Season: What It All Means


Missouri Banned From 2019-2020 Bowl Season: What It All Means


Missouri was punished by the NCAA for academic violations and can’t go bowling this year. What does it all mean?

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The NCAA handed out its punishment to the University of Missouri after an investigation discovered that a tutor in 2015 and 2016 handled the course work for 12 Tiger athletes in three different sports – not all of them were football players.

So what does it all mean?

1. Missouri won’t go bowling this year. 

It doesn’t seem fair, and it doesn’t seem right that a few bad apples are spoiling the whole bunch, but the entire football program is getting punished for a few players and some athletes in other sports. Missouri will appeal the punishments, but as of now, it won’t be bowl eligible for this season.

2. So, what are the other punishments? 

At least among the main ones Mizzou football is getting hit with …

– A small reduction in scholarships.
– A few recruiting restrictions. The program will have to go to radio-silence for seven weeks, and that includes bringing prospects to campus.
– A fine of 1% of the football budget.

3. Did Missouri really do anything wrong? 

Not really. It appears to be a rogue tutor who did all of this, but the school is getting hammered for helping out with the investigation. Something about this doesn’t seem quite right – the school and program appeared to do the right thing – but the NCAA is making a statement.

4. So, is star grad transfer get Kelly Bryant going to transfer?

Apparently not. It wouldn’t make any sense for the former Clemson star quarterback who transferred over to Columbia to bolt. His goal is to get to the NFL, and that can still happen under offensive coordinator Derek Dooley and this offense. Going to a bowl game doesn’t really play a factor in whether or not Bryant can progress as a passer.

No, Bryant might not be happy with this, and certainly other schools are still going to be in the equation – hello, Auburn – and he can leave without penalty, but expect him to be the Tiger starting quarterback.

5. Can other Tigers transfer if they don’t want to be around this year under the NCAA sanctions? 

Nope. The players who had nothing to do with any of this get hosed here. However, the idea of a player wanting to leave a school because he’s not getting a swag bag is mostly a media creation.

In general – at least when it comes to the guys I’ve talked to and dealt with – most players have the mentality that this is their program and their team, and they don’t want to leave.

Not getting the extra game stinks, and it’s not fair, but anyone who would leave would mostly be doing it because of the opportunity to leave penalty-free, and not because they’d really want to go because of the lack of a bowl game.

Even so, it’s not a fair deal. The NCAA can hand out its punishment, but it also needs to be more flexible to the players in this situation, and it’s not.


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