Alabama vs. Clemson: 2019 CFP National Championship Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments

Alabama vs. Clemson: 2019 CFP National Championship Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments

College Football Playoff

Alabama vs. Clemson: 2019 CFP National Championship Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments


Third Quarter

Remember, that’s a LONG halftime. There are a whole lot of chances for an adjustment.

Mr. Obvious time. Bama needs to strike quickly and efficiently here. Take the game back.

Bama STILL making too many mistakes. The ticky-tack penalties are killers.

If Josh Jacobs could throw accurately for 15 yards, there’s a wide open touchdown on those Wildcat plays.

Jacobs should keep doing this. It’s Bama’s most effective play to wear down the Tigers.

These Clemson linemen are freaking out Tagovailoa. They’re in his head now.

What the holy HELL Alabama? Are you really that desperate? Apparently, yes.

No one in America thought Alabama was going to kick it. Alabama is desperate to try that fake.

If you’re 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship isn’t over, it’s not feeling all that well.

Deionte Thompson is an NFL safety, and Justyn Ross torched the Tide for what might be a game-sealing TD. This Clemson offense has been brilliant.

Yeah, of course high-level kickers could hit the upright multiple times if they tried it 100 times.


Call me hopeful for a fun finish, but this isn’t over. Alabama is way too explosive.

OOOOOOH. Tua had a touchdown throw to Jaylen Waddle that he missed on. He’s bee just a weeeeee bit off all night.

Was Matthew McConaghey even invited to that dinner party? He just told a story, played pool, and left. He probably brought wine with a cap.

Jerry Jeudy was TOTALLY held by AJ Terrell. The Tide not getting any of the little breaks.

OHHHHHHH, Tua. NOOOOOOOOO. Get the ball out of your hands! Another empty trip after a good, long drive after Tagovailoa tried to scramble for a first down.

Oh dear lord … WHAT a throw by Lawrence, and WHAT at catch by Justyn Ross.

Alabama hasn’t been able to catch ANY sort of a break. SEC fans burned by Bama over the years not exactly crying tears over that.

For those of you wondering. The Fairfield-Niagara hoops showdown that popped up after the ESPN app kicked me off the National Championship game? 77-59 Stags. The Purple Eagles were never in it.

Stop it, Trevor Lawrence to Justyn Ross. Just … come ON. That right handed grab by Ross was the truth.

This is going to colossally suck at an all-time level for Clemson if it loses this game.

Oh COME ON … Lawrence with a BRILLIANT throw and an amazing catch by Tee Higgins for a score.

Where does Lawrence finish in the Heisman race if the voting is done 45 minutes from now?


How much does it suck for Alabama fans who dropped the coin to travel to this?

30 points in a row for Clemson. The props are blowing up large in this beatdown.

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