Alabama vs. Clemson: 2019 CFP National Championship Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments

Alabama vs. Clemson: 2019 CFP National Championship Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments

College Football Playoff

Alabama vs. Clemson: 2019 CFP National Championship Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments


First Quarter

Come out throwing, Bama. Get Tua into a groove right away and …

Ohhhhh, Tua, NOOOOOOOOOOO. Missed assignment, Tagovailoa makes the wrong read, and AJ Terrell takes it for a pick six.

Brilliant corner blitz by Clemson. That’s Clemson DC Brent Venables doing a whole lot of film work.

Put in Jalen Hurts … or Joe Flacco

Clemson defense scoring first was 20-1 odds. Even if the shot goes in, it doesn’t mean it was the right one to take.


We’re less than five minutes in, and I’m suddenly realizing that everything I said on every radio appearance today is going to be totally wrong.

Get right back on that bike, Tua. Keep throwing and throwing and …

That. I did call that Jerry Jeudy would be the star of this, and kaboom. It’s a shame Tagovailoa couldn’t get past that pick six.

Tagovailoa throws a perfect pass on a perfect matchup, Jeudy goes all NFL No. 1 wide receiver on a Tiger safety, and we’re tied.


Wait, so the bitchy kid in the Northwestern Mutual ad who can’t get a ride to Jessica’s house whines, and Dad responds by building a pool? Sounds way too familiar.

Welcome to the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship, Trevor Lawrence. 2nd and 22 from deep in his own territory. Here comes the heat from Bama, and …

Lawrence finds Tee Higgins with a perfect pass for 62 yards on 3rd and 14. The NFL quarterbacking talent in the room is off the charts.

Alabama with two bad mistakes less than five minutes in. There’s a glitch in The Process.

Travis Etienne has the speed, and then he brings the power with a tough run for the touchdown. Clemson hardly seems the slightest bit intimidated but that whole Bama thing.


Does Bama try to grind this out a bit? It’s more than fine in a track meet, but time of possession should matter here.

These defenses don’t seem to have a prayer. 3rd and 4, and easy pitch and catch. These two quarterbacks are on.

The slant patterns that worked so well against Oklahoma are killing Clemson early on. Outside of that pick six, of course.

Clemson isn’t getting to Tagovailoa. 13 is way, way too comfortable …

As I write that, Clelin Ferrell rag dolls Jonah Williams and jumps on Tagovailoa’s head.

The wave of Bama backs keep on coming. Now it’s Najee Harris blasting through.

You interested in the 2019 National Championship now, America? This is what you want. Harris showing off the NFL upside and punch that will make him a fixture on NFL fantasy drafts for years.

Easy peasy. Hale Hentges wide open as Clemson overloads against the run, and …

Cody Parkey on Line 2, Alabama.

This is a track meet. Don’t you even THINK about chasing that point, Bama.


Three and out for Clemson. Quinnen Williams and the D line ruins the offense party.

Tua gets banged up an awful lot. 

Welcome to the Najee Harris game. Fresh legs, fresh legs, fresh legs.

Clemson just isn’t getting enough pressure. Tagovailoa is taking shots, but not before he’s getting ten minutes to work.

4th and 1 on the Clemson 5. Go win a national title, Nick Saban.

Yup, the Tide go for it, and Josh Jacobs goes Wildcat formation for a powerful first down. The Bama O line is beating up the Clemson defensive front.

Clemson holding up now with its back against the wall. Bama is going tough guy power, but it’s 3rd and goal and the O needs to get Tua on the move.

Ohhhhhh no. In today’s day and age, you can NOT say the words Special Report without really meaning it.


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